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Sanchez ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ after last season’s Achilles tear

Sanchez ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ after last season’s Achilles tear

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Colts are on their way to Philadelphia for joint practice and the final preseason game with the Eagles. With them will be punter Rigoberto Sanchez — exactly one year after tearing his Achilles.

Sanchez’s season ended before it began last year when he tore his Achilles running after a Training Camp practice. Eleven months later, Sanchez returned to that same field at Grand Park fully healthy, as the crowd erupted in support.

“It was a surreal moment, to finally be out there with the team,” Sanchez said. “It gave me chills, not going to lie, midperiod. It was just a good moment for everybody to see that I came back prepared, and I’m just happy to be back.”

“He’s been kind enough to open up about the struggles that he went through and some of the stuff, so super happy to see that he’s back,” kicker Matt Gay said. “He’s out here on the field and everyone’s receiving him the right way and he’s been healthy and feeling good.”

“It’s been a long process. I just took it head on and grinded it out and here we are,” Sanchez said. “I’m just very thankful.”

Saturday was Sanchez’s first game back in Lucas Oil Stadium since January 2022. He looked in prime form, averaging 44.3 yards a punt.

After everything, you might be surprised how Sanchez sees this past year.

“I wouldn’t change it for a thing,” Sanchez said. “I learned how strong I really am. I didn’t think I could be that strong really, and my wife as well. Everybody that was in my corner just helped me get here. I’m just really thankful for all the sacrifices that I went through to be here.”

While his career paused, the rest of his world prospered.

“My faith grew. My family grew. Everything else grew,” Sanchez said. “Football’s always important, and it is important but I just found out a lot about myself in a good way.”

“I think the trials that we go through and the struggles you have two decisions: you either crumble from it or embrace it and come back stronger, and he’s done the latter,” Gay said. “I think he’s going to be really good. He’s destined for a good season.”

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