Teams touch down for Super Bowl LIII, some sporting strong fashion game

ATLANTA (NEXSTAR) — While Super Bowl planners say there will be north of a million visitors for the Super Bowl – the stars at the top of everyone’s must-see rosters have already touched down…some bringing a strong fashion game:

A little bit different vibe between the Rams and the Pats — the Rams flying commercial…and the Patriots taking what they’re calling Air Kraft–with a K, of course.  — the tail fin decked out with 5 Super Bowl trophies, and fans touting they’ll soon need room for a 6th. 

LA donned slick matching track suits…New England, more three piece suits…and some tropical prints.  Even Belichick had no choice but to ditch the hoodie and take it up a notch…because look at his mate and those boots!

Tonight we’ll be at Media Night with both teams — and we’ll have special digital exclusives from those interviews with both teams. Be sure to check the Big Game page for more all week until the Super Bowl.