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Colton Flifet, 13-year-old camper at AO1 Mountain Movers Adventurer, and Cole Scherbenske, AO1 foundation outdoor ministry director, joined us today to discuss how great it’s been to team up with Carson Wentz, their involvement with the AO1 Foundation, the foundation’s impact and why people should invest in it.

There are many ways you can donate to the AO1 Foundation.

You can click here, and then at the top of the page you will see a “donate” button for the Carson Wentz Foundation. The Colts Quarterback’s foundation is already impacting Hoosiers’ lives on so many levels. Here are other ways you can help give back to our city through this Audience of One Foundation:

To learn more about the AO1 Foundation and to get involved, click hereTo donate, click here.

While Carson Wentz will be busy on the field tonight, the AO1 Foundation will be busy helping out the Indianapolis community! Ryan Nelson from the AO1 Foundation joined us today on Indy Style to tell us more about it.

The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation was founded in 2017 with the mission of “uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.”

This mission is carried out through three ministries: Thy Kingdom Crumb, the Outdoor Ministry and the Haiti Sports Complex. Each ministry is very unique in its operation, but they all center around Carson’s passions and sharing the Gospel with those we serve.

The number one question they get asked is, “How can I get involved?” The foundation recently launched the AO1 Touchdown Drive, which provides people an opportunity to pledge a financial gift for each touchdown Carson is responsible for this season.

Through various corporate partners, including Lucas Oil, all pledges up to $2500/TD will be matched. All proceeds from the Touchdown Drive will benefit our Thy Kingdom Crumb food truck, which will begin serving in Indianapolis this fall.

You can learn more about Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation here and the AO1 Touchdown Drive here.