Atlanta kids star in Ludacris music video ahead of Super Bowl

Can you imagine being in middle school and shooting a professional music video about this place, the city you love — at the stunning stadium behind me with one of the world’s biggest rappers? Pretty cool, right? But that’s far from the most amazing part of the story about a viral video produced by Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  Nexstar Big Game Bound reporter Ashley Bridges has the story.

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How Reggie Bush says the NFL should fix bad “no-calls”

The now infamous missed call in the NFC championship has had pretty much everyone--other than Rams fans--reeling.  Nexstar Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges sat down with former Saints running back Reggie Bush to break down how he says the NFL should fix play, and what it's important for the leagues battle against head trauma.


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Big Game Bound: Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams talks how Rams need to get Brady on his back

Tom Brady has not been sacked in the post-season.  Nexstar Nation Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges talks with a football great about what that could mean for Sunday's big game.

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Have you seen me?: Faces of missing children who may be being trafficked around the Big Game

Last year in Minneapolis, In Our Backyard distributed booklets with images of 34 missing children who they believed, through targeted analytics, might be exploited around the Super Bowl.  While not all of those children were necessarily being trafficked,15 of them were recovered within two weeks. Research shows that within 48 hours of running away a child or teen will be approached by a trafficker.  Nexstar Nation's Big Game Bound reporter Ashley Bridges shares the faces of this year's children.

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How close do the 400 mile per hour Thunderbird planes fly over the Super Bowl stadium

One of the most iconic, chill inducing moments of every Super Bowl is the whoosh and wonder that comes with the Thunderbirds flying over the stadium after the last note of the national anthem.

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Why Super Bowl pros say Atlanta could be too much of a good thing for the young Rams

One of the most incredible things covering the Super Bowl -- particularly in Atlanta on such a tight campus -- is all the amazing talent you can talk with in just a short walk.  Nexstar Nation's Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges broke down what difference the location can make with a few greats who have been there before.

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