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With sports betting now legal nearly everywhere, sports betting apps are all the rage. WISH-TV’s All Indiana Bets offers some guidance to sports gamblers eager to have some guidance when they bet the house. We asked conservative radio expositor Jason Hammer why he’s hosting the show and he offered a concise answer.

“Because despite doing the radio that I do, I’m also a degenerate. That’s why!”

Hammer’s degenerate sidekick is longtime standup comedian Scott Long.

“I had this idea for a show kinda like this,” Long said on New Year’s Day before a live broadcast of All Indiana Bets. “I tried to pitch it last year and it didn’t really go anywhere. Hammer had the idea for a little more of what this show is. He had the better idea. He was a better pitcher. He came here and he was like I guess Scott would be the person who would kinda fit what we’re gonna have as a cohost.”

The show is a lot of lighthearted fun complete with cocktails about midway through each broadcast (the show is sponsored by liquor manufacturers). Make no mistake about it, though, Hammer and Long do their homework with the goal of giving viewers the information they can apply to their bets.