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Chef Wendell Fowler, creative writer and motivational speaker, joined us Tuesday with his recipes for Pasta Primavera and Chopped Spring Salad. Here’s more from him:

We live on such a lovely blue planet. Let’s celebrate earth and spring today with mindful dietary choices and fuel our earth suit vessel with the energy of the sun, rain and soil.  

For every illness there is a curative herb, plant or flower. Spring greens belong to the brassica family, whose health benefits are well documented ( and 

Our earth suit vessel replaces billions of cells daily — and using the seasonal foods we consume as building materials (

Pasta primavera with Tart lemon/chive dressing (Salmon optional for Pescatarians) 



Lemon/Chive dressing 


Chopped Spring Salad:  

Serving suggestion: Amelia’s Italian bread with garlic butter  

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