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Today in the kitchen we had Chef Debbie of Yokohama in Greenwood. She treated the kitchen with many of their off the menu items and plenty of tasty sushi!

Today Chef Debbie prepared  a “Sushi Sundae” and the “Sushi Sandwich”.

Yokohama prides itself on not only producing great “rolls” but creating unique and amazing sushi dishes that have become increasingly in demand. 

Almost everyone is familiar with Sushi after so many years here in the U.S. but many people still associate it with “Raw Fish”.   Many many items that are sushi are cooked or have cooked elements. 

They were very blessed to remain open through just take out during the initial phases of the pandemic.  

Yokohama remained busy because they were able to make sushi an on the go dish. Chef Debbie believes artistry and culinary creativity are a major part of the sushi industry and always should be.

About Yokohama:

Yokohama has been owned and under the direction of Debbie for 10 years now.  

They actually own the Red House next door now so parking is available there as well. 

They have had almost exclusively with few exceptions, female sushi chefs. 

Debbie gives a beginner sushi classes by appointment only.

Class size is limited and is $40.00 a person to learn to make 3 rolls. 

Much of our seafood is processed on site.

To find more information visit,

Facebook: Yokohama Japanese Cuisine and Sushi

Instagram:  Yokohama.Greenwood