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Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap has his picks for what’s new in theaters and streaming in your living room.

New in Theaters:

Come Play — In this tech-y horror, a skeleton-like creature calling itself Larry manifests itself inside smartphones and other devices, stalking an autistic boy named Oliver.

Spell — A family crashlands in the Appalachian hills and the dad finds himself the prisoner of a Hoodoo practitioner planning a dark ceremony upon his family. 

New On Digital/Demand:

The True Adventures of Wolf Boy — Jaeden Martell plays a 13-year-old boy with hirsutism who runs away from home on a quest to find his mom and winds up having heartfelt adventures with a coterie of interesting characters. Read more

The Craft: Legacy — This part sequel, part reboot of the 1996 film about sexy young witches takes a spin through wokeness — and Alec Toombs says that’s not altogether a bad thing. Read more 

You Might Have Missed:

Sleepy Hollow — Maybe not the best film of Tim Burton’s oeuvre but perhaps represents the essence of his filmmaking in this gory, daffy take on the Washington Irving tale. Read more

Now until October 18th, you have the chance to see dozens of films both virtually and in-person at the 29th Heartland International Film Festival! Today Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap and Greg Sorvig of the Heartland Film Festival joined us to share more about the big event.

The 11-day festival includes 76 independent feature films, 9 World Premieres, 14 U.S. Premieres, 29 drive-in screenings, live virtual filmmaker Q&A’s, special events, and even a “Drive-Thru Red-Carpet” at Tibbs! The in-person locations include the Tibbs Drive-In Theater and the new Conner Prairie Pop-Up Drive-In. 

HIFF is among the first festivals to offer hybrid events films, featuring both drive-in and virtual titles for centerpiece and closing night. Below are a few festival highlights.

Tibbs Drive-In Special Events with Drive-Thru Red-Carpet:

Opening Night | Oct. 8 | “Eat Wheaties!” 

Centerpiece | Oct. 15 | “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain” 

Closing Night | Oct. 18 | “Blithe Spirit” from IFC Films  

Virtual Special Events (Available all day for one day) 

Virtual Centerpiece | Oct. 14 | “Minari” from A24 

Virtual Closing Night | Oct. 18 | “MLK/FBI” from IFC Films 

Conner Prairie Special Event:

Hitchcock Night | Oct. 14 

Film trailers, fest passes, and tickets are available at  

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Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap has his picks for what’s new in theaters and streaming in your living room.

New in Theaters:

The Nest — Jude Law stars in plays a businessman who moves his family to the countryside but can’t escape the personal and professional fears stalking him. 

New On Digital/Demand:

Blackbird — Susan Sarandan plays a dying mother who wants to gather her flock for one last contentious weekend before she goes. With Kate Winslet and Sam Neill. Read more

The Devil All the Time — In 1950s West Virginia, Tom Holland is a young man caught up in backwoods feuds and corruption. Great performances, but just not enough substance to go around, says Andy Carr. Read more

Teenage Badass — A wannabe band looks like they’re finally getting their big shot with a spot on the local news, but wacky events conspire to bring them down. 

Lost Girls and Love Hotels — Alexandra Daddario is an American living in Japan who works as a flight attendant teacher by day, but at night she wanders an underworld of sexual intrigue.

New on Disc:

Stephen King 5-Movie Collection — Five of the horror master’s film adaptations are now out on Blu-ray in time for Halloween! “The Stand,” “The Dead Zone,” “Silver Bullet” and both versions of “Pet Sematary.”

You Might Have Missed:

Roman Holiday — The classic that many see as the godfather of the modern romantic comedy. Now for the first time on Blu-ray.

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We checked in with Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap to see what’s new in theaters, what’s streaming, what’s on On-Demand and more.

New in Theaters:

The New Mutants — The long-delayed “next generation of X-Men” movie finally hits theaters as young superheroes struggle to find their identity. Starring Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy.

New On Digital/Demand:

The Personal History of David Copperfield — Dev Patel stars in this bright, colorful and surprisingly upbeat adaptation of Charles Dickens’ semi-autobiographical tale about a boy struggling toward manhood. Read more

Bill & Ted Face the Music — Keanu Reeves and the other guy… OK, Alex Winter, don’t cry — return for another rad journey through space and time, now with neck wattle and some baggage.

Centigrade — A married couple is trapped inside their car in a blizzard and must find a way to survive in this psychological thriller.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette — This documentary looks at the actor’s quest to revive his life and career by revisiting his much-maligned professional wrestling “championship” 20 years ago. Read more

Cool on Streaming:

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe — The cartoon boy geniuses must help their older sister when aliens blast her into space and intergalactic trouble, now on Disney+.

New on Disc:

The King of Staten Island — Pete Davidson stars in this semi-autobiographical tale about a man/boy loser who can’t seem to get his life going. Read more

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