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As a native of the Martindale Brightwood area on the east side of Indianapolis, James Wilson, CEO of Circle Up Indy, is a true testament to how one can turn their life around regardless of the past. 

Rising Evolution: A New Wave Of Community Development is a movement in need of support from the community so it can help build the community.

Currently, there is a $4 million dollar housing and community support fundraiser for Circle Up Indy’s affordable housing initiative.

You can learn more about this Community Co-op Movement on Wednesday, April 27, 5 p.m. at 2917 N. Olney Indianapolis, Indiana 46218. There will be music, food, fun, community engagement and an open opportunity to ask questions.

Wilson and Monalisa Baxter, owner of Momma’s Kitchen, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share more about their movement and how you can support. Here’s more from them:

Rising Evolution is the idea of an organization that began as a concierge of resources to the community, thus inspiring less violence and building a stronger community inspired Wilson and Circle Up Indy was born. Wilson has served as CEO of Circle Up Indy, a non-profit grassroots organization, for the past 9 plus years. Circle Up Indy’s focus is socio-economic evolution, community development/engagement, housing and community self-stability. 

In August 2014, the Circle Up Indy team hosted the first Youth Against Violence Peace Festival at James Russell Lowell IPS School 51. This successful inaugural event brought over 1000 people from the community to support local businesses in their community, and subsequent events have continued to grow. Supporters have included Community Hospital East, Edna Martin Christian Center, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indygo, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, Radio One, and many more. The Peace Festivals bring everyone in the community together, including health care services, law enforcement, education, job placement, and other essential resources, while providing a festive family atmosphere and free prizes and giveaways. 

Circle Up Indy’s future goals are to continue inspiring others by developing more supportive initiatives that meet the standards of our community aimed at reducing violence, increasing opportunity, and strengthening families and the community. 


Rising Evolution takes a comprehensive approach to community economic development through:

• Affordable homeownership access.

• Moving residents from renters to homeowners.

• On-site affordable 3D printed and container home development.

• Fundamentals of construction using 3D printer training.

• Indiana Roundtable OSHA Construction Certification

• Community resident/stakeholder home repair and collaborative entrepreneurial development.


Through a dedicated collaborative and transparent partnership with Circle Up Indy, Edna Martin Christian Center, and the Martindale Brightwood CDC, Rising Evolution seeks to address redlining, equity, social justice, and affordable housing assistance in a manner translating resources to cultivate sustainability among those the collective seeks to directly impact. 

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