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A storyteller at heart, Zackary Dean, country music singer/songwriter, brings heart and adventure to life with powerful vocals and detailed storylines. Using his knack for great hooks and train like rhythm he draws you in from the first notes strummed.

He joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share how he’s working on building a community of songwriters and country artists in Indiana. He also performed two of his songs, “Coney Dog Girl” and “Big Block Chevrolet.”

Here’s more about him:

Dean has been writing songs since he was a boy and has honed his craft through many years of teaching and performing. The stories and melodies are not what you would expect from a breakout artist. The plot, the hooks and rhythm feels so polished and raw as it draws you in to every word.

Dean released his first single this past year “Big Block Chevrolet” about his dads old 69 Chevy C10 and the woman he loves. A story too good to miss it is a town favorite at Beeline Beverage & Snack where you can find him performing regularly.

Fall of 2022 Dean is slated to record at Dark Horse Studios for an EP dubbed “The Dark Horse Sessions”.

You will find traces of friends and artists involved if you pay attention to social outlets. The likes of Kathryn Grace, Chelsea Hancock and Jennifer Mlott can be found. “It’s going to be a really special project. One built on community,” said Dean when asked about the upcoming project.

Select dates are in the works in the Midwest, bringing people together for a cause is what Dean believes in.

“Music is community, you can’t have a song without a story of how you got there,” Dean said.

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