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The Gadget Guy David Novak joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with a variety of cool products any dad on your holiday shopping list would likely appreciate.

1. xSuit 4.0 – Lightweight, Breathable & Stretchy Men’s Suit for Every Occasion  


Ensure dad is not only able to look his best but also feels comfortable all day long with the techy xSuit 4.0 . This versatile men’s suit is lightweight, breathable, and stretches, featuring a cutting-edge design and special fabric technology. It’s made of an advanced 8-way stretch fabric material that makes it resistant to wrinkles, and also integrates advanced liquid-repellent nanotechnology that makes it resistant to odor and stains. Fully machine washable, there’s a $100-off holiday discount during the holiday season.  

2. Fluora Mini – App-enabled Smart LED Illuminated Floor Plant 


Keep the holiday lights going this Christmas, even inside your home, with the Fluora Mini. While not necessarily an XMAS tree, this smart LED illuminated floor plant integrates 9 LED luminescent leaves, 3 soft-touch stems, and a hand-crafted ceramic pot that houses its high-end electronics, working together with a dedicated Smartphone App, where you can configure color and brightness of each leaf, mesmerizing light-animations, and even set different schedules for different lighting options. Capable of 16 million different colored light combinations, the Fluora is also reactive to music, dimming and brightening to each music beat.  You can also sync several Fluora Minis together. The device is compatible with many smart home integrations, as well as with the Razer Chroma lighting ecosystem, perfect for gamers. Early bird crowdfunding prices start at just $199.  

3. FocusCalm Headset – Wearable EEG Neurofeedback Brain Training Device  


Improve the way you meditate with the FocusCalm Headset. This wearable EEG brain training device can be used for stress reduction and also for concentration improvement. The device works together with a dedicated Smartphone App that utilizes collected neurofeedback to effectively train and strengthen your brain’s ability to get into a state of relaxation, as well as to strengthen different brain functions such as memory, attention span, and decision-making, all through a variety of engaging activities. The App also provides you with real-time measurements of your current stress level on a scale from 0 to 100.  

4. Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 – Real-Time Bi-directional AI-powered Translation Earbuds  


If dad is a world traveler, the Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Earbuds are a perfect gift for him. These high-end AI-powered translation earbuds can translate speech in two-way communications in real-time with 95% accuracy and at a very low latency within just 0.5 to 3 seconds. They feature a Bi-directional Simultaneous Translation function, Smart Noise Reduction for unwanted background noises, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for their in-app functionalities. You can choose between 4 different Translation Modes, a 6-Person Bilingual Meeting function, or a 40-Person Multilingual Remote Group Chatting function. The device offers online translation support for 40 languages and 93 accents via Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity, as well as offline translation for a total of 8 languages. 12 hours of battery life per charge. 

5. Speaqua Barnacle X – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Bluetooth Multi-Pairing  


Sing along with dad and enjoy the best Christmas songs together with the Speaqua Barnacle X. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a durable shock-proof and dust-proof construction, is waterproof, and it floats!  Its 4-in-1 mounting system gives you plenty of positioning options, thanks to the included adaptors, and also features a Dual EQ Enhanced Audio System, 8GB of internal storage, an RGB smart light show system, and party-pairing function that allows for up to 150+ speakers to be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. 

6. Newair Shadow Series – Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/ Dual Temperature Zones  


For any dad that loves good wine, the Newair Shadow Series makes for a truly unique and thoughtful gift. This freestanding wine cooler refrigerator features enough capacity to store up to 12 bottles of any wine and 39 cans of beer or soda. It comes equipped with frameless mirrored glass doors integrated with double-pane glass that blocks harmful UV rays so it can protect your wine’s flavor and aroma, plus 10 removable beverage racks for personal organization. A built-in soft Blue LED light illuminates labels without creating heat, while two built-in fans draw cool air that’s generated by its powerful and quiet compressor cooling system, which makes the unit capable of keeping wine properly stored between 37°F to 64°F. Best of all, the unit also features Dual Temperature Zones, along with separate built-in control panels integrated at the top of each door for configuring the temperature for each zone. Use the Discount Code “GADGETGRAM” to get 10% off your purchase. video: – no video 

7. Setex Grips & Pads for Different Everyday Products – Gaming Grips, Earbuds Grips & Eyewear Pads  


For dads who haven’t outgrown gaming, that’s OK, they’ll love the Setex’s Grips & Pads, which utilize the same gecko-inspired anti-slip technology to mimic a geckos’ fibrillar microstructures that grips and provides comfort for all your tech. The Setex’s Thumbstick Grips, which are universal gaming thumbgrips, are compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Switch Pro controllers, which offer 356% more grip on sweaty thumbs than competing brands. Those are available in both Low-Rise as well as High-Rise Grip models, which respectively offer either a flat height or an added height of 11mm for the best possible thumb positioning while gaming. The Setex’s Controller Grips, which are non-slip gaming grips available in different custom designs for each specific gaming console, provide a perfect fit and grip. The Setex’s Earbuds Grips are anti-slip earbuds pads, available for both wired and wireless versions of the AirPods as well as for other brands of wireless earbuds, and provide a natural, unprecedented grip and sweat-wicking for your ears. They fit perfectly and smoothly in just about any charging case. Finally, there’s the Setex’s Eyeglass Nose Pads, which use that same gecko-inspired anti-slip technology to ensure your eyeglasses always have a strong but still fairly comfortable fit an grip, perfect for sweaty or oily skin types.  

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Don’t forget to put something under the holiday tree for all of the pets in your life this year!

David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share gift ideas for your four-legged friends.

1. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence – Next-Gen GPS-powered Dog Collar Virtual Fence  

Train your pup to stay safe inside your property with the SpotOn GPS Dog Fence. This portable high-end next-generation dog collar wireless containment system utilizes sound alerts, static correction, and True Location GPS technology to safely contain your dog within pre-determined virtual boundaries. It can be used at home, outdoors, and on the go. It’s lightweight, comfortable for your dog to wear, and waterproof. Working together with its dedicated App, it can be set up within a large acreage from ½ acre to 1,000s of acres. You can create, save, and edit up to 20 custom geofences, either by walking with the SpotOn dog collar and your smartphone along a boundary or by drawing that boundary within the App. Works with Verizon or AT&T cellular connection. The company is running a 25% discount sale during Black Friday.

2. Walkee Paws Easy-On Waterproof Dog Boot Leggings 


For clean and protected paws, check out the Walkee Paws Easy-On DELUXE Dog Boot Leggings. These all-in-one boot leggings feature a TPE molded boot shape for a better fit, and cotton lining for comfort and durability, making them even better booties than the original. TPE is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can withstand heat up to 302 F and cold down to -40 F. The waterproof soles perfectly protect sensitive paws on walks year-round from germs, chemicals, and allergens, as well as from hot and cold pavement, no matter the weather conditions. The innovative “Easy-On” design has no elastic drawstring leg openings, so putting them on is as easy as taking them off. They also integrate a versatile collar connector that can be attached to your pup’s collar or harness. Also, in line with the brand’s concern for the environment is a transition to new packaging made from 100% recycled board, packed with just a simple mailing label that further helps to reduce waste.   

3. Slypod – Portable & Expandable Dog Poop Caddy Leash-Accessory  


Keep your hands free from having to carry your dog’s “business” with the Slypod, a portable dog poop caddy leash accessory that features an expandable silicone design that allows it to accommodate filled dog waste bags from even the largest dog breeds. It also comes equipped with a locked-and-sealed lid that ensures foul smells stay trapped inside, plus an integrated aluminum carabiner that allows it to be clipped to your dog’s leash or harness, or even to your own belt, bag, or backpack.  

4. Loyal Leash – No-Pull Automated Dog Training Leash w/ Tension Control  


Relieve the stress of having your dog tugging and pulling its dog leash by using the Loyal Leash. This innovative no-pull automated dog training leash works based on a proprietary leash tension monitoring system that detects any level of tugging or pulling from your pup. From its integrated ergonomic leash control handle, dog owners are offered an adjustable leash tension threshold setting, which varies between Low, Medium, and High. The Loyal Leash also features an automated warning system that sends both audible beep- and vibration warnings, plus an automated correction system, which can be optionally turned On/Off, that sends static correction signals if your pet pulls too much. There’s also a Manual Mode for total user control. The system’s dog collar can be used with a harness, and there’s also a leash-less option available.  

5. Speedtechs mi-inta – Plug & Play App-enabled Internet Activity Monitoring Device  


Keep better track of all your home online activity with the speedtechs mi-inta. This compact and low-cost internet activity monitoring device features a simple plug-and-play installation by connecting it to any spare port on your router/modem. It works by utilizing ARP spoofing to intercept all the data that’s downloaded into and uploaded from your internet connection. The device is designed firstly for forwarding data, so network performance is not compromised. It can come in one of two different versions, 100M or 1G, with the processing power to match these throughputs. The device works together with a companion App that ultimately shows users detailed information about all the devices operating on their internet connection, all websites visited, and also all levels of activity taking place on their Internet connection. No sign-up or subscription is required. It’s the perfect internet monitoring device for parents concerned about their children’s online safety, for business owners looking to boost productivity, and even for gamers looking to ensure they have a fast and stable internet connection.  

6. Whip-It! 1/2L Specialist Dispenser Variety Bundle – Professional Whipping Set  


Become a culinary professional and a dessert expert with the Whip-It! 1/2L Specialist Dispenser Variety Bundle. This professional culinary whipping set comes with a 1/2L Stainless Steel dispenser, a 24-pack of aluminum N2O cream chargers that can provide approximately 20% more volume of whipped content, plus a premium Injector Tips Set that can be used for fillings and stuffings. It also comes with a Funnel & Strainer Set that can be separated and utilized independently for a variety of culinary applications, a set of 3 Plastic Decorator Tips that can be used to decorate desserts or to get creative with drinks, and even a Recipe Book with many unique culinary recipes for preparing foods and beverages that have filling/stuffing or whipped content. 

7. BedInABox Dual Hybrid Mattress – Medium-firm Mattress w/ UltraCool Technology  


Sleep cool and comfortable all night long with the BedInABox Dual Hybrid. BedInABox is the original e-commerce boxed mattress company This medium-firm hybrid mattress combines a soft knit cover that is cool-to-the-touch, thanks to its UltraCool technology. The three separate coil layers include a multilayer foam layer and a pocket coil layer, which provide support, and then a micro coil layer, which conforms to the body to provide maximum comfort. All told, you get 13-inches of comfort, with the highest coil count in the industry. This premium mattress is specifically designed to deliver advanced pressure relief and unbeatable support for any sleeping position. A 20-year warranty and a free 120-day trial are available.   

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We’re going digital for today’s segment with David Novak of Gadget Gram!

1. Panasonic HomeCHEF 7-in-1 Compact Oven – Smart Convection Steam Oven  

Around $500 (Retails in early April)  

For passionate home cooks, the Panasonic HomeCHEF 7-in-1 Compact Oven is a dream come true. This smart convection steam oven boasts multiple cooking functions, including steaming, convection baking, stewing, fermenting, air frying, and more. Best of all, it also features 18 Preset Menu Options with pre-configured temperatures for different dishes, as well as 6 Preset Sanitizing Functions for automatically cleaning and deodorizing items such as dishware, tableware, and baby bottles. There’s also a built-in Digital Display and Control Panel at the bottom that makes it simple for anyone to control this smart convection steam oven.  


2. JBL Charge 5 – Portable Waterproof Speaker with Built-in Powerbank  

Just $180,  

For music lovers that love to party, the JBL Charge 5 is a must. This portable Bluetooth speaker features a great sound quality powered by JBL’s Original Pro Sound technology, which is then combined with outstanding durability thanks to its IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof Rating. It also boasts built-in controls, Bluetooth 5.1 Connectivity, PartyBoost TWS Dual Pairing, and a long-lasting battery that can offer you up to 20 hours of battery life, while also doubling as a built-in power bank to conveniently charge all of your devices via a secondary USB-C Output Charging port.  


3. Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam – GPS-enabled Dash Cam  

Starts at $100,  

Stay safe on the road with the Nexar Beam Dash Cam. This innovative road-view dashcam is tiny and easily concealable behind your car’s rearview mirror and comes equipped with a suction cup mount that makes it easy to install. The Beam can record high-resolution Full HD 1080p video within a 135º Viewing Angle at 30 FPS and with night-vision support. It also includes a 32GB SD Card for storage and internal memory that can be expanded up to 256GB. Onboard Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS reside on board, and it also includes Automatic Recording, Accident Reports, a reliable Parking Mode, and a simple and very organized Video History.  


4. Garmin Venu 2 Plus – Health & Fitness Smartwatch with GPS  

Around $450,  

For health-conscious people and fitness enthusiasts, there’s not a better health and fitness Smartwatch than the Garmin Venu 2 Plus. This stylish Smartwatch is also durable, boasting an AMOLED display that’s protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It also features up to 9 hours of battery life and a built-in GPS. Its health-tracking functions include heart rate, energy levels, blood oxygen saturation, stress levels, hydration levels, breathing, sleep, and even the ability to track a woman’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy….and it can analyze all of this in 2 minutes. 25 preloaded sports apps cover just about any exercise you can think of,, and you can also store music on the watch for phone-free listening with their wireless headphones. Lastly, this Smartwatch allows you to take calls and also features Voice Assistant support for creating or answering text messages hands-free.  


5. DataLocker Sentry K350 Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Starts at $185,  

For office workers that need to keep their personal data and personal files protected, there’s the DataLocker Sentry K350. This encrypted USB Flash Drive has an IP67-Resistance Rating against dust and sand, as can be submerged underwater up to 3.28 ft. (1 m) for 30 minutes. Its internal components come sealed by hardened epoxy resin, which is virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to them. The Sentry K350 uses FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria validated cryptographic wrapping algorithms for its data encryption key that’s securely stored in its microprocessor (CC EAL 5+ certified). When locked, all its stored data is protected under full disk encryption. It also constantly runs Anti-Malware and boasts reading speeds of 300 MB/s and writing speeds of 200MB/s. The DataLocker SafeConsole software allows you to configure Admin Policies, Brute Force Password Protection, and Data Recovery, as well as to manage multiple users. You can get it with a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 256GB capacity.  


DataLocker DL4-FE Encrypted SSD  

Around $650  

Then, for those who need a lot more secure storage space, there’s the DataLocker DL4-FE Encrypted SSD. This encrypted external SSD utilizes a Kensington lock for its physical security and comes equipped with an easy-to-use, self-randomizing keypad that makes it ultra-secure while still being easy to access using a finger or a stylus pen. It is also FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated and boasts a CC EAL 5+ microprocessor for securely storing its data encryption key. Its stored data is also protected under full disk encryption by using onboard AES 256-bit XTS Hardware. This encrypted external SSD constantly runs On Board Anti-Malware and supports USB-C connections as well as USB-C to USB-A, with both cable-types already included. Same customization configurations apply as the K350,  and you can get this with a 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 7.6TB, or 15.3TB capacity, along with an HDD of 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB.  


6. duoVeo Gema Wellness Tracker  

Earlybird under $100.  

For keeping track of your health metrics and fitness goals at all times, nothing beats the duoVeo Gema. This wearable Wellness Tracker is designed to get users down to the basics of a true fitness regime by eliminating unnecessary functionalities such as texting, calling, and workout alerts. In sum, it can accurately track its users’ overall health – including calories burned, miles walked, hours slept, and more – and then simplifies all that collected health data within the DuoVeo App. Via the App, users are offered simplified goals and are also encouraged to upload photos of their fitness progress and videos of their activities to stay motivated. Best of all, the Gema doesn’t even require charging, as it is designed to last up to one year on a single battery.  


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These gadgets will give you a new way of doing things and help make your life a little easier. David Novak of Gadget Gram joined us today to share everything you need to know about them. Here’s more from him:

1. Noisy Clan Wee Stand – Ultra-Foldable Portable Music Stand  

Just $125, 

For music students and music teacher, having a music stand around is essential. However, most music stands tend to be bulky, and can also be wonky or even hard to set-up. Unlike any music stand you’ve seen so far, the Noisy Clan Wee Stand is a must-have. This ultra-foldable portable music stand is extremely versatile, featuring Adjustable Height via Tension-Lock Legs, Tilt-Touch Angle Positioning, Sheet-Saver Tabs, Swivel Clips, and a Central Clip for having music sheets placed side-by-side. Thanks to its revolutionary foldable design, it can be easily carried by hand or stored inside a bag and opened between a compact tabletop form and a full standing height position in just a few seconds.  


2. Olibra Bond Bridge & Olibra Bond Bridge Pro – Smart Home Hubs

Starts at $100, 

For Smart Home enthusiasts, things just got a million times better, as the Bond Bridge and the Bond Bridge Pro work as Smart Hubs that ultimately allow homeowners to add Wi-Fi Connectivity to ceiling fans, fireplaces and Somfy shades. The Bond Bridge gives the user the ability to reproduce ceiling fan’s recorded RF remote-control signals, including Turning fan On/Off, Adjust Fan Speed, Turn fan Light On/Off, etc., with no wiring or installation required. It cover a 2,500 sq.ft. home and control up to thirty connected devices from anywhere via the Bond Home App. Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings voice activation Apps.  The recently-released Bond Bridge Pro brings even more enhanced functionality by adding the benefit of PoE (Power Over Ethernet), while also integrating easily with leading home control / automation systems such as Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI, Homebridge and Hubitat. Just like the original Bond Bridge Smart Hub, the Bond Bridge Pro is compatible with every brand of RF-controlled ceiling fan, plus many shades and fireplaces, and requires no wiring or installation, but comes with the bonus of a built-in Ethernet port for extra connectivity. Offering an even wider home coverage range of 3,500 sq.ft., it comes with a step-up in capability to control up to fifty home appliances via the Bond Home App, while also boasting support to voice assistant Apps with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings.


3. Lyric Massager – Smart Handheld Percussion Therapeutic Massager  

Around $200,  

For fitness enthusiasts, having a massager can help achieve faster muscle recovery and helps improve blood circulation. For that, there’s nothing like the Lyric Massager. This smart handheld percussion therapeutic massager features guided massage therapies with 3 different Speed Settings, a built-in Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and up to 4 hours of battery life. Unlike most massage guns, the Lyric gives you the exact same recovery benefit without forcing you to apply so much pressure into your targeted treatment areas, thanks to its breakthrough Rhythm Therapy technology that combines a therapeutic range of frequencies with a low amplitude. The Lyric can safely target muscles and stimulate the nervous system. Includes a Docking Charging Station and 4 Interchangeable Massage-Head Attachments.


4. GE CYNC Smart Thermostat (with Voice-Assistant Support)  

Under $120,  

For Smart Home Fans, one of the best investments you can make is getting a smart thermostat like the GE CYNC Smart Thermostat. Featuring a high-contrast LCD Touch Screen Display, built-in temperature and humidity sensors, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, In-App Controls, and Voice Assistant Support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, this smart wireless thermostat packs every smart feature a Smart Home enthusiast would hope for. It also features support for up to 10 heating or cooling zones that can be configured via the Cync App, and even features a super easy installation, as it can be installed without a common “C-wire”, which ultimately makes it compatible with most older homes.  

5. FunnyFuzzy Pet Line – Comfort-Focused Pet Gadgets

Under $50,  

FunnyFuzzy offers a unique line of pet products that are both fun and useful. Take for example the Leaf Shape Dog Blanket,  designed to let pups lie down on it or even tuck themselves in it to enjoy a lazy cozy afternoon. This doggie blanket comes in a large size so even big pups can use it,  and it’s extremely soft to touch as it is made of 100% cotton, and machine washable. Dog owners can set it up either as a dog-mat or as a blanket that they can stretch across the floor or on top of their couch. Their Dog Bed Car Seat is super durable and is designed to protect your car seats in order to keep them clean and fur-free, all while simultaneously making your dog more comfortable on the road. This doggie car bed is also super-soft to touch, comes with a cushion on the bottom edge, is completely waterproof to avoid any “whoopsies”, and is also machine washable.  Finally, the All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat sports a reflective exterior that’s waterproof, dirt-proof and wind-proof. It also features an Anti-Hair-pulling design that keeps your dog’s fur from pulling while wearing,, a Seamless Zip that makes it easy for dog owners to dress it on their pups, and  a Collar / Harness Attachment Opening that allows for dogs to wear it together with a collar and/or harness. Best of all, this dog rain coat is also washable.  

6. OODA Ball – Compact & Ultra-Portable Free-Weight Punching Ball  

Starts at $78,  

To get a healthy form of aerobic exercise,  check out the OODA Ball. This compact and ultra-portable free-weight punching ball is designed with a focus on Functional Interactive Training. It works based on a 4-step tactical decision-making process called the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) Loop, which is basically the human instinctive process of fast-paced decision making. As such, the OODA Ball can be used as an untethered punching bag against the wall, on the floor, or as a fitness ball, and you can throw punches, elbows, knees, kicks, hammer fists, ground-and-pound, or ultimately throw multiple strike combinations at it, thus making it perfect for practicing Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, or even MMA. By working out with the OODA Ball, you can enhance your overall speed, explosiveness, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, hand speed, punch precision/accuracy, punching strength, and also your overall cardio endurance.  


7. Pillow-Fight Haymaker – Adjustable Memory- & Reactive-Foam Pillow  

$140 (2-Pack),  

The Pillow-Fight Haymaker pillow features a fully adjustable design, with a specialized filling of Twisticuffs that are composed of a blend of memory and latex-like reactive noodle-shaped foams. This gives the Haymaker significantly more responsiveness, airflow, and comfort than traditional shredded or molded/block foam pillows. The pillow’s shape is also fully-customizable, as users can remove some of its Twisticuffs to reduce its filling, ultimately allowing the Haymaker to easily conform its shape to any sleeping position and body size, no matter if you prefer sleeping on your back, stomach, or on your side. Lastly, this pillow also comes with an extremely soft and ultra-lightweight plush cover made of Tencel Knit Pillow Casing, which makes it naturally cooling and moisture-wicking.  


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These gadgets were created to not only add fun to your life but to also improve your life in various ways.

David Novak, The Gadget Guy, joined us today to share some fun and high-tech gadgets that many people could benefit from having in their lives.

1. MOGABI Smart Guitar – Portable Studio & Sound Rec. Folding Guitar  

Conventional guitars are bulky, hard to carry around, and don’t offer you the option of recording your musical compositions without special recording equipment, which you either have to borrow, rent or purchase. The MOGABI Smart Guitar solves all those issues to ultimately empower artists worldwide whenever their musical inspiration strikes them. This portable all-in-one studio and original sound recording folding guitar feature Detachable Rust Frames and a pre-installed Bluetooth Speaker that eliminates the need for an amplifier. Its built-in Recording Button can be easily pressed to have the MOGABI record only the pure sounds of the guitar without capturing any other external / surrounding noises. Lastly, it also boasts a Multi-Recording Function that allows you to play and record your tunes on top of any recorded song, a Recording Cancellation Function that lets you cancel your recording in the middle of your performance, and even a Voice Recording Function that enables a voice-recording quality close to perfection.

From $660, 

2. AWOL VISION LTV-2500 – Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector 

For all binge-watching lovers and movie enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the AWOL LTV-2500. This innovative ultra-short-throw laser projector is powered by a Triple Color Pure Laser engine, making it capable of playing video at 4K UHD with support for HDR10+. It also features an adjustable projection size between 80″ to 150″ at just 6″ distance from a wall and comes equipped with a built-in 36W Stereo Speakers that also supports Dolby ATMOS. Best of all, it also integrates multiple input options, which include two standard HDMI, one HDMI eARC, two USB 2.0, one Ethernet port, a Digital Audio Output port, an AV input port, and a TV-Stick Pocket.  

Starts at $1,999,  

3. Orion Pro 300 – Red & Near-Infrared LED Light Therapy Device  

Red Light Therapy (RLT) Treatments allow fitness enthusiasts to greatly recover from their workouts, as they expose your body to heat in the form of low levels of red or near-infrared light in order to help your skin, muscle tissues, and other body parts to heal quicker. The Orion Pro 300 is perfect for that, as it’s designed to bring you an optimal clinical-like red-light treatment experience from the comfort of your home. This red and near-infrared LED Light therapy device is equipped with medical-grade LEDs that can be used for targeted treatment areas, while still giving you the flexibility to expand it to a larger setup. Best of all, the Orion Pro 300 is trusted to greatly optimize health for professional athletes, dermatologists, clinicians, and therapists alike, as it uses the most clinically proven wavelengths of red and near-infrared light for full-body health benefits.  

Starting at $485 ($569 w/ Attachable Tabletop Stand),  

4. Monster Blaster 3.0

Nowadays, there are many devices designed to make peoples’ lifestyles much more comfortable. While using our Smartphones and computers both for work and entertainment purposes can be extremely convenient, you’re still bound to find some restrictions along the way. This is exactly where the following products from Monster Inc. come into play.  

For blasting out your favorite tunes, consider using a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Monster Blaster 3.0. This 120-watts portable weatherproof speaker features Bluetooth Connectivity with NFC Pairing, an outstanding sound that’s accompanied by a super-punchy bass, Dual Stereo Sound Modes, and up to 12 hours of battery life.  

Around $400,  

Monster Power Shield XL

Moreover, for any tech-savvy person that utilizes multiple gadgets on a daily basis, we have the Monster Power Shield XL. This moveable outlet extender can greatly improve your workspace, as it features 4 AC grounded outlets and 2 USB-A (3.4A) ports, along with a 540J Surge Protection Safety Function. Additionally, the device also boasts a Magnetic Mountable Backing for an easy setup. 

Below $60,  

Monster Vertex 10 Surge Protector

Moreover, for any tech-savvy person that utilizes multiple gadgets on a daily basis, we have the Monster Power Shield XL. This moveable outlet extender can greatly improve your workspace, as it features 4 AC grounded outlets and 2 USB-A (3.4A) ports, along with a 540J Surge Protection Safety Function. Additionally, the device also boasts a Magnetic Mountable Backing for an easy setup.  

Under $100,  

Finally, for those looking for the ultimate power-source safety solution for their office space, you can’t go wrong with the Monster Power Center Vertex. This is an advanced surge protector powered by an extra-long 6 ft. double-nylon-braided cord that features 6 AC Outlets, as well as a 4 ft. Detachable Magnetic USB-HUB that integrates 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C Port for a whooping 32W of total power, along with a 3000J Surge Protection Safety Function.  

 5. Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 – High Fidelity Wireless Stereo Headphones  

For any audiophile that’s truly passionate about listening to their favorite tunes with the highest quality, the Atlantic Technology FS-BTWS582 definitely does the job. This pair of premium high-fidelity wireless stereo headphones feature a jaw-dropping sound quality, and that’s all thanks to their SKAA high-fidelity low latency wireless technology which eliminates inaudible audio Lip-Sync and sound latency for all media-playback, including TV, movies and games. In addition, these Hi-Fi wireless stereo headphones also boast built-in controls, Bluetooth Connectivity for listening to music and performing voice calls, and up to 12 hours of battery life.  

Around $500,  

6. X-Sense SC07 – Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector w/ 10-Year Battery  

Two of the most common household dangers are indoor fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid these issues, there’s nothing more reliable than the X-Sense SC07. This smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarm can accurately detect both smoke and high CO levels and quickly deliver alerts of potential dangers, featuring an internal Lithium Battery that’s powerful enough to provide the device with 10 years of continuous power. The unit comes equipped with an Informative LCD Screen that displays real-time carbon monoxide concentrations in the surrounding air and a built-in LED Light Indicator that easily informs users about the device’s status based on a color code for its LED Light. Moreover, the device also performs a Self-Check Function automatically every 60 seconds to notify you of any dangers or malfunctions via its flashing LED Light and via an audible beeping pattern.  


For more information visit,

These gadgets are designed to relieve the stress in your life. David Novak, The Gadget Guy, joined us today with a few products that make several aspects of your life a little easier.

1. Hepper Pod Elevated Cat Bed 

Under $100

Cats are very sensitive creatures, as they may often become anxious or stressed by things going on around them. To ensure that your cat(s) have a place where they can feel safe and relaxed, consider getting them the Hepper Pod Bed. This modern and ultra-comfortable pod-shaped elevated cat bed is warm and cozy, and spacious enough for one large fluffy cat. It comes with an ultra-soft upholstered fabric exterior made of flexible molded EVA foam and a machine-washable interior bed liner made with soft sherpa fleece and microfiber. 

2. Snuggy Buddy Baby 6-12 Month Wearable Lovey Blanket

Around $55 

To keep your little ones cozy and stress-free, there’s nothing like the Snuggy Buddy Wearable Lovey Blanket. Designed to be used by babies ages 6 to 12 months old, this wearable baby blanket features a gently weighted plush butterfly lovey (bonding object) that’s safely attached to the blanket at the chest level, offering your baby something that’s always at hands-reach for a familiar soothing touch that makes them feel safe, comfortable and relaxed while they sleep. Lastly, this wearable blanket also features soft plush fabric wings that act as flaps designed for your baby to hold and soothe themselves back to sleep. 

3. EyeWris Readers Foldable Wristband Reading Glasses 

Around $110 

If you’re someone who regularly needs to have their glasses close by, then the EyeWris Readers are exactly what you need. These foldable wristband reading glasses utilize a patented folding technology that makes them capable of securely and comfortably wrapping around a users’ wrist so that they’re always within reach. They’re extremely durable and very stylish, making them perfect for any busy lifestyle, including both at-home office workers and on-the-go business workers. Lastly, these foldable wristband reading glasses also come equipped with ultra-durable premium curved polycarbonate reading lenses that combine a Blue Light Filter with 100% UV Protection for keeping users’ eyes safe, while also coated with scratch-resistant, anti-smudge and anti-reflective coatings. 

4. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs 

Around $170 

Dogs are very active animals, and as such, they always need a way to burn that extra energy so that they don’t become stressed. For that, there’s nothing like the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. This electronic interactive fetch system for dogs features Customizable Launch Settings for launching balls anywhere between 8-30 feet and Motion Sensor Safety to protect your dog when in front of the launching area. The device also features an Automatic Sleep Mode that prevents dogs from over-exercising, as well as Audible Training Tones that help to create a learning-friendly interaction between your pup and the ball launcher. With it, dog owners can provide their dogs with a fun and exciting way for them to stay busy, happy, and entertained throughout the day. 

5. Cleanyst – At-Home Reusable Body & Home Care Products System 

Starts at $119 

Shopping for more Eco-friendly body care products can be somewhat stressful, especially if you don’t know what they’re made of. The ultimate solution for this issue is called the Cleanyst. This countertop reusable system allows users to create body and home care products at home, with the main focus of reducing your carbon footprint and plastic waste by up to 80%, while also saving you some money in the process. The device works based on a patented Micro-batch Technology that utilizes water from a side reservoir to squeeze Cleanyst’s proprietary formula pouches into reusable bottles, all at the push of a button. These product pouches are formulated from plant-powered ingredients, making them USDA Certified Biobased and free from dyes, fragrances, parabens and any harsh or harmful chemicals. The end result is perfectly mixed body care and home care products that are safe, effective and ready to use. The Body Care Kit comes with Hand Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner pouches. The Home Care Kit brings Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, All Purpose Cleaner, Tub + Tile Cleaner, and Glass + Surface Cleaner pouches. The Essentials Kit combines half of the two previous kits together, while the All-In Starter Kit combines the Body Care Kit and the Home Care Kit in full.

6. ILIFE V80 Max Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Under $225 

For homeowners with busy work schedules, cleaning can be one of the most stressful house chores to perform on a regular basis. To get that extra stress off your shoulders, get yourself the ILIFE V80 Max. This smart robot vacuum cleaner features a Smart Gyroscope Navigation System, a strong Suction Power at 2000Pa, up to 80 minutes of battery life with a Self-Charging functionality, In-App Controls for configuring cleaning schedules and also Voice Assistant support to Alexa. 

7. SummaForte CBD Products

Starts at $20 

To bring down levels of stress, there’s nothing like the SummaForte SummaTape and the SummaForte SummaMix. These premium CBD-infused wellness products are designed to bring both a peak athletic performance as well as an improved recovery for gaming-related activities. The SummaTape is a cotton-spandex CBD-infused and menthol-infused kinesiology tape for skin application that’s lightweight and stretchable, which is specifically designed for providing gamers and athletes alike with enhanced performance and recovery of any type of injuries. The SummaMix, a daily drink mix that combines premium CBD with nutrients that are crucial for both eye and brain health, as the Blue light emitted by PC screens can be both stress-inducing as well as exhausting to look at.

8. BlazePod Flash Reflex Training System 

Starts at $299 

To reduce high-stress levels, there’s nothing like going for a fast reflex workout with the BlazePod. This smart light-based reflex training system allows users to train physically and cognitively, working based on vibrant, touch sensor Pods that can be controlled via the BlazePod App. The system works as a modular touch-capacitive workout tool for high-intensity interval training that can ultimately offer its users a fun way to improve on different fitness skills such as agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, strength, and more. It can be used by athletes of any fitness level or even fitness coaches. 

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These gift ideas are small enough to fit in a stocking, but powerful enough to make a meaningful gift.

David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us today to share what makes each of these gadgets special.

1. PaperLike for iPad 

Around $40,

For iPad Mini owners that use their tablet to take notes, draw sketches or even engage in professional artwork, the PaperLike is THE iPad Screen Protector to have, as it feels just like paper when using the Apple Pencil. Integrating patented Nanodot Smart Technology for keeping the display screen on your iPad Mini scratch-free, the Paperlike is the ultimate tool for creatives and note-takers. Additionally, its anti-glare soft matte finish further improves the feel of your iPad for simple touch operation and note-taking, all while also preventing any sort of fingerprints to keep your device’s screen smudge-free. Each package contains 2 Paperlike iPad Screen Protectors, 2 wet and 1 dry screen wipes, 2 dust absorbers, and 2 sticker guide sheets. Fits many different sizes of iPads

2. Power1 – Unified AirPod and iPhone Charging System

Under $100, 

For Apple fans, the Power1 is the ultimate accessory that combines a unified charging system and a case for both your iPhone and AirPods, all in one. Its patented charging station uses a 3000mAh internal battery for recharging your AirPods multiple times, with up to 90 hours of battery life, while its USB-C fast-charging port lets you charge your iPhone, your AirPods and the Power1’s battery all at once. A built-in Charge Mode Switch lets users direct the power between different devices, with Mode-1 charging your AirPods only, and Mode-2 charging your AirPods and iPhone simultaneously. The device is quite lightweight, featuring a magnetic door lock that keeps your devices safe, raised edges around the screen for an extra layer of protection, and a microfiber interior that further cushions your iPhone against impacts. 

3. Luminara Flameless Night Light Candle 

Under $30, 

To keep your bedroom better illuminated at night, get yourself the Luminara Flameless Night Light Candle. This realistic flicker-flame candle nightlight features an ultra-modern design and fits any standard US outlets, so no battery is required. It provides you with a smooth presence guiding light for a serene illuminating effect. It also integrates a Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor that turns the nightlight on when the light dims to a certain level and then turns it off again when lighting conditions get brighter. Lastly, there’s also an On & Off button for manually turning it on or off. 

4. GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band

Under $600, 

For Apple Watch users looking to amp up the look and lifespan of their investment, check out the GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Case & Band, designed to be fully compatible with the Series 4, 5, and 6. This unique Sci-Fi Inspired Apple Watch Case blends sporty practicality with an avant-garde design that’s focused on longevity, as its body is made of aerospace-grade titanium and a hand-crafted carbodyne exterior that combines multiple carbon fiber sheets stacked together for unmatched durability. Finally, its dedicated wristband is made from an extremely tough FKM rubber, which is designed for high performance and durability while still being incredibly comfortable. 

5. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G  & Google Pixel 6 

Starts at around $1000 and $600, 

Christmas came earlier this year, thanks to Verizon’s 2 new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and the Google Pixel 6. The Z-Flip features a foldable 6.7″ FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display (folds down to 4.2″), along with a 12MP and 10MP Dual cameras, and a 2″ display on the front that displays notifications, messages and more. Best of all, the Galaxy Z Flip3 also boasts an Auto-Timer functionality for Pictures that can be triggered by Gesture Recognition.  The Pixel 6 is Google’s latest, with a super-fast processor, gorgeous screen, and a Dual Rear 50MP Camera, for which it also packs unique camera software features that give users the ability to fully edit their photos, such as removing unwanted subjects from them with a Magic Eraser, as well as the possibility to use Motion Mode for long exposure and action pan when looking to capture fast-moving objects. Both are available through Verizon.

6. TROVA GO+plus Smart Biometric Safe

Around $250, 

The TROVA GO+plus is a portable biometric safe designed for daily storage of all of your everyday carry items and other personal belongings. To unlock this secure smart storage device, you scan your fingerprint via the device’s Smartphone App. You can use it for storing jewelry, vapes, prescriptions, phones, or any other private objects that require security and discretion. Its compact size makes it perfect to carry inside a pocket, purse, handbag, or backpack, while its ultra-minimalist design mimics the looks of a portable battery pack for the utmost discretion. 

7. ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera 

Under $100, 

Take your video calling to the next level with the ONSCREEN Spark. This TV Video Calling Smart Camera provides you with great quality video calling on your TV screen, from the comfort of your couch. Make amazing video calls on your TV, including support for ZOOM, which you can then control with your Smartphone via the ONSCREEN App. Moreover, your privacy is always ensured during every call thanks to its integrated camera lens cover and the App’s End-to-end encryption. Best of all, setting it up is a breeze, as other than its App, the ONSCREEN Spark works solely based on a power connection and an HDMI connection, so no other hardware is required. 

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Gadget Guy David Novak stopped by the Indy Style studio to tell us about seven cool gadgets that have the potential to improve your life.

Here is more information about each gadget:

1. PROXA iPhone 13 Case Line 

$23.99 – $69.99 

For iPhone 13 users, the PROXA iPhone 13 Case Line makes for a great Xmas present. Designed to be compatible with all of Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup, these protective cases come in a few different models and features, ranging from MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand capability to a built-in Card Holder for multiple personal cards, to a Kickstand for a more ergonomic user experience. All cases feature a raised lip around the case’s body, which helps to protect the camera and screen, and an interchangeable design that lets users swap between different accessories.    

2. X-Sense Home Security System

$139.99 $99.99 

With Christmas shopping coming earlier this year, Smart Home lovers looking for a way to keep track of what’s going on inside their house should consider getting the very affordable X-Sense Home Security System. Combining a Base Station, a Motion Sensor, 2 Entry Sensors and a Remote Control together, this Alexa-enabled wireless alarm system gives homeowners a reliable home security solution, allowing them to easily respond to emergencies related to unwanted intruders via the system’s mobile App. The system is easy to install and doesn’t require contracts or subscription fees.     

3. Sure Petcare FELAQUA CONNECT 


Your cat probably doesn’t like eggnog, but it’s a fact they like to drink… water that is. The Sure Petcare FELAQUA CONNECT is a unique water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats that allows owners to keep track of their cats’ daily water intake via a mobile App. The system regularly provides cats with a source of fresh water. Each cat is registered to the system’s internal memory via their microchip to record each cat’s drinking behavior such as which cat drank, what time it drank, and how much it drank. Includes hub for control anywhere in the world.      

4. BROOMBI V2 Smart Multi-Functional Silicon Broom 


For a unique way to sweep your floors, swap out your old broom for the BROOMBI V2, a smart multi-functional broom that uses four silicon edge blades (instead of bristles) to pick up almost anything off your floor in a single swipe. It works using static electricity and its airflow frame, which keeps dirt and grime from disbursing all over the place, and allows you to capture any “floor-mess” with ease, whether that’s fine dust, pet hair, spilled liquids, or even broken glass.  The BROOMBI also comes with 3 small accessories: the BROOMBI Standing Dustpan with a built-in swivel that opens and closes in order to free up your hands and save your back from constant bending; the Broombi Brush, which comes equipped with a built-in Dustpan, making it the perfect handheld-brush for clean-up jobs on tabletops, counters and more; and the Mini Broombi, a simpler handheld cleaning tool that can be used for picking up smaller messes, like spilled sugar.  

5. OnePlus 9 Pro 5G Smartphone & OnePlus Buds Pro 

(OnePlus Pro Combo Bundle) 

$1,218.99 $999.00 

For any tech lover looking for a killer-looking phone, the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G Smartphone fits the bill and is packed with the latest tech in the industry. Firstly, it sports a sleek 6.7″ 120 Hz Fluid Display with 1440 x 3216 pixels that supports HDR10+. It also integrates a unique Hasselblad Camera Setup that features a 48MP main camera with 16-times the pixel count of standard 1080p for high-quality videos, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset for its 5G Connectivity. Additionally, its 65w Fast Charging Li-Po 4500 mAh battery offers users almost 11 hours of usage time.And pairing nicely with the 9 Pro are the companies Buds Pro, which pair seamlessly with the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. These true wireless earbuds feature an elegant, polished design, an IPX4 Water-Resistance rating, outstanding sound-quality with support to ANC to filter any unwanted noises close to 40dB, and a long-lasting battery life of up to 38 hours of playtime (with ANC turned Off).       video: 

6. TR Life Style M-9 Nose Hair Trimmer 


For men, check out the TR Life Style M-9 Nose Hair Trimmer. This ultra-versatile nose hair trimmer is compact, lightweight, waterproof and has a curvy dome-shaped design that’s combined with an anti-bacterial coating, thus making it fairly easy to use. With it, gents can get rid of any unwanted nose hairs without having to experience painful plucks or even dealing with sharp blades from scissors and standard trimmers. 

7. BrainTap Bluetooth Headset & BrainTap App for Brain-Stimulation 


For easy meditation and relaxation, the BrainTap Bluetooth Headset is a wellness product that uses light, sound and Epigenetics to calm the nervous system, increase serotonin, promote relaxation, promote weight loss and strengthen and train the brain for more energy, improved focus, better sleep, easier meditation, quit the sensation of smoking and a reduction of stress. Working together with its subscription-based App, which contains hundreds of unique sessions that retrain your brain and helps stimulate inherent neuroplasticity and parasympathetic balance in the brain, the BrainTap lets you engage on full-spectrum brainwave activity via the App’s 6 different types of brain-tapping sessions (from Sleep to Stress-Free Sessions and more), ultimately promoting better mental and physical health, and putting your brain in a relaxed state.   

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You can go beyond the typical flowers and a card this Mother’s Day, and get your mom a fun gadget! How about a skateboard or something to diversify her beverage experience? David Novak, the Gadget Guy, has more ideas below!

1. Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard


Mom’s not too young to pick up skating. The Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard is a lightweight, ultra-durable and Eco-Friendly skateboard made of a special blend of fiber-reinforced Nylon and different recycled materials that make it a really solid skateboard that’s built for smooth rides with high level performance capabilities. The skate also features a beautiful design that has a very unique look to it. It’s also stable and maneuverable enough for skate learning, and it makes a great cardio workout that can also improve coordination. 

2. Spleash Leash


The Spleash Leash is a versatile multi-purpose dog leash handle that can make mom’s dog walks with Fido much cooler. It comes equipped with a water compartment that you can use to quench Fido’s thirst as well as to keep off-leash dogs away with a simple and safe water spray. To quench Fido’s thirst and keep your pup hydrated during a walk, you simply spray some water into the leash’s built-in flip-open water dish, which can be easily flipped open from its handle. Additionally, the Spleash Leash’s built-in water-spray nozzle also allows owners to use its water-spray function up to a 14-foot range to keep any other overly curious and potentially dangerous off-leash dogs away from their four-legged friends.

3. KidsConnect KC2 Phone 


With the KidsConnect KC2 Phone, any concerned mother can easily keep tabs on her kids. This simple and minimalist phone features GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi connectivity, thus working as an all-in-one 4G GPS Tracker Security Solution for real time tracking. While its simple 3 Speed Dial Buttons can have 3 different cell phone numbers pre-configured via the phone’s dedicated SECURE TRACKER GPS App (done via Parental Mode), this 4G GPS Tracker Phone can also offer any concerned mother great peace of mind thanks to its Real-Time GPS Tracking, Geo-Fencing, Voice Monitoring, and Location History functionalities. The phone can also be used to call or send messages to a maximum of 15 cell numbers that are saved in the phone’s internal phone book.

4. Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber 


Moms are great at taking care of the family and keeping everyone safe. With the Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber, you can sanitize any small items, such as Smartphones, keys, baby items, and more. To use it, simply lay your items on its transparent shelf and let its UV-C bacteria-blasting light do the work. The unit’s UV-C light is emitted from all directions, killing up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses at the molecular level, all in under 60 seconds. This powerful UV-C Disinfecting unit also runs its patented dosimeter technology (which makes it FDA-cleared as a UV-C medical device) to measure its UV-C level in order to ensure the delivery of the precise amount of UV-C light required to destroy infectious agents.

5. Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker 


The Elevated Craft 750ml Cocktail Shaker is designed to make the perfect craft cocktails at home. The new Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker leaves no sticky hands, no frozen fingers, and no stuck lids. This is the last shaker you will ever buy and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s constructed of pro-grade brushed 18/8 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The shaker is individually boxed in high-quality giftable packaging and each shaker includes a 50-page cocktail journal. Vacuum insulated design guards against diluting heat transfer to make super chilled drinks while protecting your hands from frostbite. It also means no more condensation puddles on your counter. This patent pending measuring system allows you to dial in your mix from micro ¼ and ½ oz dashes all the way up to a full 6-ounce concoction. Time to recycle your dainty 1.5-ounce jigger and start making real drinks. The innovative Twist Lock system means no more sticky leaks or frozen stuck frustrations.

6. Drinkmate Sparkling Beverage Maker 


Perfect for the mom that loves freshly made carbonated beverages, the Drinkmate Sparkling Beverage Maker can carbonate just about any drink you desire. This compact at-home beverage carbonator is easy to operate as well as easy to clean, and no electricity or batteries are required to make it work. This beverage carbonator works based on its patented and detachable Fizz infuser and dual-stage valve system, which ultimately offer you a better control on release of CO2. The Drinkmate comes together with 3 oz starter CO2 starter CO2 carbonators, so you can start carbonating right away, but it also works with the most common brands of 14.5 oz (60 L) CO2 carbonators on the market. Additionally, you also get a BPA-Free Quick-Connect Bottle with a volume mark line, which you can use to prepare your carbonated drinks.

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The Consumer Electronic Show may be virtual this year, but that doesn’t make the products any less exciting. David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us today to share a few of the housewares products you can expect to see at this year’s show.

1. Tricella Smart Pill Box 


Managing medication can be confusing, and sometimes if not done accurately, dangerous. The Ticella Bluetooth Smart Pillbox does the heavy lifting for you. This innovative smart 7-day pillbox can be connected to either your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. After connected, it can automatically detect whether you took your pills or forgot to take them, and the device will also send automatic push-notifications to other family members’ devices to reassure them that those tracked daily pills were taken. Furthermore, the pill drawers in the Tricella Smart Pillbox are perfectly held in place by magnets that make them easy to slide open for people who have arthritis, and whenever closed, are also secure enough to help prevent any accidental openings that would spill their pills.

2. RelaxUltima Neck Massager


Both chronic neck pain and neck strain are very common problems for people that spend a lot time working while sitting at a desk. The RelaxUltima Neck Massager is a lightweight and cordless electronic neck massager that features an ergonomic and flexible U-shaped design that offers users a universal fit, as well as built-in soft silicon pads at the sides that make it super comfortable to wear. It also integrates a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts around 1 month on a single charge. This electronic neck massager combines a Heat functionality with a Gentle Electrostimulation to bring you a restorative neck massage with a maximum of 107°F heat and gentle electric impulses that move through your skin, providing you with muscle pain reduction, a deep relaxation, and stress reduction. Lastly, an included remote control lets you change between 3 Operation Modes (Tapping, Shiatsu, and Acupunture Therapy) and increase or decrease between 15 different Intensity Levels.

3. Loftie Clock 


Nowadays, almost all of us are highly dependable of our Smartphones, but using our Smartphone right before your bedtime can be abjectly bad for your sleep. The Loftie Clock is a simplified alarm clock that allows you to leave your Smartphone outside your bedroom and easily turn your room into a peaceful sanctuary. This minimalist and ultra-modern alarm clock comes equipped with a dimmable display, a warm night light (unlike blue lights that can disrupt sleep), a two-phase alarm, and a built-in speaker. Furthermore, the Loftie also comes with a library of relaxing white noise options, as well as a media center that includes guided meditations, sound baths, breathing exercises, sleep playlists and stories. Additionally, you can also sync your own content to the clock in order to eliminate every excuse in the book to have your Smarphone lying with you under the sheets.

4. MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer 


This one is a great kitchen gadget for “at-home chefs”. The MEATER is an awesome truly wireless smart meat thermometer that features a wireless range up to 33ft. With it, no wires get in your way while you cook at your kitchen countertop, and its wireless functionalities let you get more freedom away from your grill, smoker, or kitchen. The system is easy to use and consists of one probe and two high-end temperature sensors that accurately monitor your food’s internal temperature and the ambient temperature. The MEATER also runs an Advanced Estimator Algorithm that calculates how long to cook and rest your food so that you can better manage your meal and time. Lastly, the MEATER App lets you monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth and offers you a Guided Cook System that walks you through every step of the cooking process. The Meater comes in 3 versions: Meater, Meater+ (5x the WiFi range) and Meater Block (Longer range and 4 probes).

5. RotoShovel 


For anyone that loves to spend their free time doing gardening work or for anyone that’s looking to take their gardening business to the next level, the RotoShovel is an amazing piece of equipment. This automatic handheld shovel comes equipped with a built-in auger, working both as a simple handheld shovel and as a powerful electric auger for precision digging. When used as a handheld electric auger, the device is powered by a built-in rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery that can offer you up to 2 hours of battery life. Its battery-powered automatic auger can dig up to 3 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. Ultimately, this is an innovative gadget that takes the work out of gardening and landscaping, making it a great tool for both homeowners, DIY gardeners, and professionals.

6. OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp 


The OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp lets you shine a Clean Light on the Subject – These experts in healthy lighting introduce the first and only line of sanitizing desk lamps that safely breaks down harmful bacteria and mold while working, creating a healthier space. OttLite partnered with Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting, to provide the patented SpectraClean technology in a new line of desk lamps. Four styles, feature Qi wireless charging, touch dimming and more ranging in price from $49-$89.

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