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This new movie features, “a filthy animal unfit for human company … and a dog.”

“Dog” stars Channing Tatum and three talented canines who play Lulu. It tells the tale of a Belgian Malinois canine who has a job in the Army Rangers. When his owner passes, Lulu is given to a former Army Ranger who is familiar with his kind and thinks he can handle this high-energy, intelligent and often bullheaded breed.  

Together they go on a cross-country trip, and many events and obstacles befall this odd duo. 

“Dog” is rated PG-13, and opens Friday in theaters only.  

Patty gives it five out of five dogs for her rating.

Channing Tatum’s latest film, “Dog,” opens tomorrow Feb. 18, and it’s only in theaters.

Great Day TV’s Patty Spitler joined us today to share an interview she did with Channing Tatum, “Dog” actor/co-director, and Reid Carolin, “Dog” co-director/writer.

They discussed how the two co-directors remained close friends after working on “Magic Mike” together, how the theme of the film will teach people to “surrender” and what it’s like owning a Belgian Malinois dog.

“Dog” is rated PG-13 for some language and situations.