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Channing Tatum’s latest film, “Dog,” opens tomorrow Feb. 18, and it’s only in theaters.

Great Day TV’s Patty Spitler joined us today to share an interview she did with Channing Tatum, “Dog” actor/co-director, and Reid Carolin, “Dog” co-director/writer.

They discussed how the two co-directors remained close friends after working on “Magic Mike” together, how the theme of the film will teach people to “surrender” and what it’s like owning a Belgian Malinois dog.

“Dog” is rated PG-13 for some language and situations.

When it comes to potty training your puppy, there are a few key tips you want to keep in mind, and Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us to share those today.

1. Monitor Water Intake (0-5 months)

     – Take pup out IMMEDIATELY after they eat or drink indoors

     – Water can be unmonitored outdoors, but should be supervised indoors

2.  Recognize Signs of “Urgency”

     – Sniffing in circles (nose to the ground)

     – Whining and pacing

3.  Take Your Puppy Out Properly

     – Take out on leash (try not to carry them)

     – No interaction with pup until they urinate/defecate – than play with them IMMEDIATELY!

     – Sit calmly and don’t verbally “encourage” them to go (no distractions)

4.  Other Considerations

     – Very young puppies urinate FREQUENTLY

     – NEVER let your pup wander out of sight (playpen or tether)

     – Puppies soon recognize the scent of their urine and feces as their “brand” and will return repeatedly to strengthen their scent

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This popular dog and her owner are heading on a cross country road trip this Monday!

Dixie the Praying Dog joined us today along with Brian Calvert, her owner, to tell us about this special trip.

They’re being joined by six of the dog’s and humans from their Amazon show and traveling across America in an RV, filming the entire trip. There will even be a dog wedding in Las Vegas.

They are leaving Nashville, TN on July 4th to pick up Dixie and Brian in Indy.

You can see Dixie and Brian at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 9 a.m. They’re having a lunch event at Dawson’s at 11 a.m., and then a meet and greet/fundraiser at Heavys Bar and Grill in Camby from noon to 4 p.m.

There will be a red carpet entrance for the pups, photo ops, a kids carnival, a 50/50 , and silent auction, and a Q and A session.

All proceeds go to the Central Indiana K9 Association. They will be filming everything for the new TV Show.

You can see Dixie and Brian on the Amazon Prime Show, “The Pack.”

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Great Danes, they aren’t the most easy to take care of breed. They also come with a lot of health issues, but if you like big dogs, they may be the breed for you. Patty Spitler of Pet Pals TV and Tyler Sheller, Great Dane Enthusiast, joined us today to share how you can know if this is the case! Know your breed.. not easy to care for

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A puppy mill is a horrible thing. It’s where dogs are kept in captivity, and the female dog’s only purpose is to breed puppies for sale.

Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary in Muncie, Indiana has rescued many of these dogs and given them a second chance.

Pet Pals TV’s, Patty Spitler recently sat down with the owner of a puppy mill dog named sugar. Watch her story in the video above.

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