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Today’s kitchen guest is no stranger to receiving rave reviews!

Eggshell Bistro was awarded “Best Breakfast in Every State” in an article by “Food & Wine Magazine” after the editor ate there on his way to the airport.

It was also recently featured in “Harper’s Bazaar” as one of the places to stop on a road trip through the heart of the midwest.

Here’s what writer Brandon Presser had to say about it, “Fuel up at Eggshell Bistro in Carmel City Center where an international brunching menu satisfies regulars with everything from shakshuka and labneh to sweet potato hash.”

It’s also been featured in the “New York Times,”  “USA Today,” “Daily Beast,” “Midwest Living” and “Business Insider Magazine,” among others.

Larry Hanes, owner/chef of Eggshell Bistro, joined us today to prepare refreshing Gazpacho perfect for our upcoming warming weather & fresh tomatoes, which Hanes says he has tried lots of varieties of in Spain and he decided to put my twist on it. His recipe uses chilled turmeric egg and garlic/dill labneh as a garnish.

He also prepared a Smashed Tomato Tartine with egg, garlic and toasted spices, including nigella seed.

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