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There’s been a growing interest around electric cars, particularly with increasing gas prices, and Motor provides customers a completely tailored experience to help ease the transition and educate customers about the best options available.

Initially launched in Indianapolis, Motor offers subscription and purchasing services that make getting behind the wheel of an electric car more accessible.

Rhett Barker, Indiana Market Lead at Motor, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share some of the reasons you may want to switch to an electric car and how they make it easy for you. Here’s more from him:

The cost savings is a huge reason our customers switch to electric – a full-charge can cost as little as $10-$20, whereas a tank of gas now costs upwards of $70-$90.

What customers may not realize too, is a lot of the charging can be done from home, so you can skip the additional trip all together and Motor will even install superchargers in-home for free.

Motor has seen increased interest in its subscription service because unlike renting or leasing, many of the overhead costs are covered including insurance, yearly registration fees, and any needed maintenance that may arise.

And for those who travel, Motor has a 24/7 concierge service that will help plan stops for charging along your route.

Many of our customers are loving the lower costs, in fact, one member recently made a round-trip to Pittsburgh and spent under $25 on charging for the entire trip.

Drivers can also be more confident in range, as more high-performance and high-range models come on the market. All the electric cars in Motor’s fleet are completely curated and represent the top models, all with 200+ miles per charge. Our team has done the research, so you don’t have to.

Motor offers a great introduction into electric cars with the subscription program but also provides a purchasing option for when you’re ready to make the switch permanent.

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