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It’s an exciting week at the movies as Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt star in a new Disney film, and Matt Damon star in a film that’s receiving Oscar buzz. Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap fills us in on it all. Here’s more from him:

New in Theaters:

Jungle Cruise — Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt make for a charismatic pair in this adaptation of a Disney ride that highly entertains, despite its lack of originality. Read more

The Green Knight — In this moody and contemplative take on the Arthurian legend, Dev Patel plays an untested knight who accepts a deadly challenge that will set his fate. Read more

Stillwater — Matt Damon plays an Oklahoma oil roughneck who travels to France to try to free his estranged daughter who has been accused of murder.

Casanova, Last Love — An aging Casanova is exiled from Paris and moves to the countryside, where he is teased and challenged by a mysterious young woman.

Cool on Streaming:

The Last Mercenary — Jean-Claude does his chop-socky thing playing a mysterious agent who returns to France to defend his son against terrorism charges. Now on Netflix. 

New on Disc:

A Quiet Place Part II — Mom and kids are back and still dealing with those aliens who are blind but can hear just about everything. Not as good as the original, but tense and scary. Read more