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Kid-ing with Kayla — If you know, you know! Many mothers, especially moms of young kids understand that long luxurious showers are a thing of the past. Unless someone is willing to babysit for you, you’ll have to do what Kayla Sullivan is coining the “mom shower”.

“Not every mother is lucky enough to take one of these, in fact, I haven’t showered in days,” joked Sullivan in her viral video. “It’s amazing what dry shampoo can do for you!”

She goes on to describe that “mom showers” are quick because more than likely, you are trying to fit one in during nap time. She says if you do have the time to shave, prioritize the “A & A” armpits and ankles, you know, just in case those mom jeans ride up!

Though Kayla calls it a mom shower, many dads also don’t get time to shower or bathe like they did before children.

Sacrificing time alone and personal hygiene is a reality of being a parent.

However, Kayla Sullivan brought in some items to make showering on-the-go easier.

On “Life.Style.Live!,” Kayla displayed dry shampoo, water spray, baby wipes, make-up remover wipes, lotion, perfume, body spray, banana hair clips and when all else fails, wear a ball cap!

Then on “All Indiana” we took a look at comments from other mom’s who experience a similar struggle.

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