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After the year we’ve had, people are anxious to get outside and play with family, neighbors and friends for sure. Amazon John joined us today to show us all the fun that comes along with his birthday party appearances. Here’s more from him:

We always bring 9 animals: 3 mammals, 3 reptiles, bird and frog and bug! We honor requests as best as we can. Our basic Package is $250 and includes animals you would find in any well stocked pet store:

Reptiles include: Alligator, Lizard, Snake, Tortoise

Mammals: Ferret, Rabbit, Skunk, Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Rat, Prairie Dog

Bird: Pigeon, Chicken

Frog: Tree Frog

Bug: Cockroaches, Beetles

The extreme package is $300 and it is simply a substitution. Think of it like this…Instead of a: 3 Foot Long Snake is Replaced by a 10 foot long snake. Chicken is replaced with an Owl or Vulture. One basic mammal is replaced with something really weird like a Kinkajou, Coatimundi, South American Crab Eating Raccoon, Armadillo, Possum or Fennec Fox.

The birthday child is the star of the show. They sit next to us the whole time. We are as interactive as we can be and everyone gets to pet everything. We love to be inside but outdoor shows work well so long as everyone is in the shade. If the audiences is comfortable, then the animals are too.

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