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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort Wayne Police Department responded to a shooting at True Love Baptist Church on Wallace St. Saturday afternoon. 

The shooting occurred around 12:40 p.m. during a funeral service with about 500 attendees.

During the middle of the service someone outside the church shot several bullets at the church building and multiple parked cars. 

Bullet holes were found in the roof, the siding, and two car. 

People initially thought it was someone knocking on doors, but once they realized it was gunshots, everyone got down on the floor.

The shooter never came inside the church and was never seen. 

Police said no one was shot, although a rumor is circulating that one person might have been grazed by a bullet.

The church’s pastor Robert Bell is thankful that everyone is holding up strong. 

“We’re praying for the person that even had the nerves to come and do something like this here,” he said. “We don’t have any animosity against that person. We don’t know who it was. We’re not trying to find out who it was. That’s a law job. We’re just going to pray for that person and the person that maybe was wounded. We pray for them too, because it could have been a lot worse.”

The incident is under investigation.