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These gadgets will give you a new way of doing things and help make your life a little easier. David Novak of Gadget Gram joined us today to share everything you need to know about them. Here’s more from him:

1. Noisy Clan Wee Stand – Ultra-Foldable Portable Music Stand  

Just $125, 

For music students and music teacher, having a music stand around is essential. However, most music stands tend to be bulky, and can also be wonky or even hard to set-up. Unlike any music stand you’ve seen so far, the Noisy Clan Wee Stand is a must-have. This ultra-foldable portable music stand is extremely versatile, featuring Adjustable Height via Tension-Lock Legs, Tilt-Touch Angle Positioning, Sheet-Saver Tabs, Swivel Clips, and a Central Clip for having music sheets placed side-by-side. Thanks to its revolutionary foldable design, it can be easily carried by hand or stored inside a bag and opened between a compact tabletop form and a full standing height position in just a few seconds.  


2. Olibra Bond Bridge & Olibra Bond Bridge Pro – Smart Home Hubs

Starts at $100, 

For Smart Home enthusiasts, things just got a million times better, as the Bond Bridge and the Bond Bridge Pro work as Smart Hubs that ultimately allow homeowners to add Wi-Fi Connectivity to ceiling fans, fireplaces and Somfy shades. The Bond Bridge gives the user the ability to reproduce ceiling fan’s recorded RF remote-control signals, including Turning fan On/Off, Adjust Fan Speed, Turn fan Light On/Off, etc., with no wiring or installation required. It cover a 2,500 sq.ft. home and control up to thirty connected devices from anywhere via the Bond Home App. Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings voice activation Apps.  The recently-released Bond Bridge Pro brings even more enhanced functionality by adding the benefit of PoE (Power Over Ethernet), while also integrating easily with leading home control / automation systems such as Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI, Homebridge and Hubitat. Just like the original Bond Bridge Smart Hub, the Bond Bridge Pro is compatible with every brand of RF-controlled ceiling fan, plus many shades and fireplaces, and requires no wiring or installation, but comes with the bonus of a built-in Ethernet port for extra connectivity. Offering an even wider home coverage range of 3,500 sq.ft., it comes with a step-up in capability to control up to fifty home appliances via the Bond Home App, while also boasting support to voice assistant Apps with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings.


3. Lyric Massager – Smart Handheld Percussion Therapeutic Massager  

Around $200,  

For fitness enthusiasts, having a massager can help achieve faster muscle recovery and helps improve blood circulation. For that, there’s nothing like the Lyric Massager. This smart handheld percussion therapeutic massager features guided massage therapies with 3 different Speed Settings, a built-in Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and up to 4 hours of battery life. Unlike most massage guns, the Lyric gives you the exact same recovery benefit without forcing you to apply so much pressure into your targeted treatment areas, thanks to its breakthrough Rhythm Therapy technology that combines a therapeutic range of frequencies with a low amplitude. The Lyric can safely target muscles and stimulate the nervous system. Includes a Docking Charging Station and 4 Interchangeable Massage-Head Attachments.


4. GE CYNC Smart Thermostat (with Voice-Assistant Support)  

Under $120,  

For Smart Home Fans, one of the best investments you can make is getting a smart thermostat like the GE CYNC Smart Thermostat. Featuring a high-contrast LCD Touch Screen Display, built-in temperature and humidity sensors, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, In-App Controls, and Voice Assistant Support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, this smart wireless thermostat packs every smart feature a Smart Home enthusiast would hope for. It also features support for up to 10 heating or cooling zones that can be configured via the Cync App, and even features a super easy installation, as it can be installed without a common “C-wire”, which ultimately makes it compatible with most older homes.  

5. FunnyFuzzy Pet Line – Comfort-Focused Pet Gadgets

Under $50,  

FunnyFuzzy offers a unique line of pet products that are both fun and useful. Take for example the Leaf Shape Dog Blanket,  designed to let pups lie down on it or even tuck themselves in it to enjoy a lazy cozy afternoon. This doggie blanket comes in a large size so even big pups can use it,  and it’s extremely soft to touch as it is made of 100% cotton, and machine washable. Dog owners can set it up either as a dog-mat or as a blanket that they can stretch across the floor or on top of their couch. Their Dog Bed Car Seat is super durable and is designed to protect your car seats in order to keep them clean and fur-free, all while simultaneously making your dog more comfortable on the road. This doggie car bed is also super-soft to touch, comes with a cushion on the bottom edge, is completely waterproof to avoid any “whoopsies”, and is also machine washable.  Finally, the All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat sports a reflective exterior that’s waterproof, dirt-proof and wind-proof. It also features an Anti-Hair-pulling design that keeps your dog’s fur from pulling while wearing,, a Seamless Zip that makes it easy for dog owners to dress it on their pups, and  a Collar / Harness Attachment Opening that allows for dogs to wear it together with a collar and/or harness. Best of all, this dog rain coat is also washable.  

6. OODA Ball – Compact & Ultra-Portable Free-Weight Punching Ball  

Starts at $78,  

To get a healthy form of aerobic exercise,  check out the OODA Ball. This compact and ultra-portable free-weight punching ball is designed with a focus on Functional Interactive Training. It works based on a 4-step tactical decision-making process called the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) Loop, which is basically the human instinctive process of fast-paced decision making. As such, the OODA Ball can be used as an untethered punching bag against the wall, on the floor, or as a fitness ball, and you can throw punches, elbows, knees, kicks, hammer fists, ground-and-pound, or ultimately throw multiple strike combinations at it, thus making it perfect for practicing Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, or even MMA. By working out with the OODA Ball, you can enhance your overall speed, explosiveness, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, hand speed, punch precision/accuracy, punching strength, and also your overall cardio endurance.  


7. Pillow-Fight Haymaker – Adjustable Memory- & Reactive-Foam Pillow  

$140 (2-Pack),  

The Pillow-Fight Haymaker pillow features a fully adjustable design, with a specialized filling of Twisticuffs that are composed of a blend of memory and latex-like reactive noodle-shaped foams. This gives the Haymaker significantly more responsiveness, airflow, and comfort than traditional shredded or molded/block foam pillows. The pillow’s shape is also fully-customizable, as users can remove some of its Twisticuffs to reduce its filling, ultimately allowing the Haymaker to easily conform its shape to any sleeping position and body size, no matter if you prefer sleeping on your back, stomach, or on your side. Lastly, this pillow also comes with an extremely soft and ultra-lightweight plush cover made of Tencel Knit Pillow Casing, which makes it naturally cooling and moisture-wicking.  


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