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The weekend before February 14th isn’t only for celebrating with love interests for Valentine’s Day. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate Galentine’s Day and show appreciation for your gal pals.

Melissa Jones of the Girls Positivity Club joined us today to share more about the holiday that came about in the last decade.

Galentine’s Day was first mentioned on the show “Parks and Rec” in 2010, and 4.98 million people watched this holiday begin as a way to celebrate the girls that make your life special. This could include sisters, moms, female friends, or cousins. It’s the perfect time to teach girls the tradition of celebrating and showing appreciation for girlfriends. 

Jones says, three important reasons female friendships are beneficial to your life include helping reduce stress, boosting self-esteem, and giving you a sense of belonging that fights loneliness.   

Activity Ideas: