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Is your garden struggling right now? Recently Indiana has had such crazy weather that plants have experience significant damage.

Dry conditions followed by rain has created the perfect environment for mildew, black spot and fungus.

Carrie Petty, Master Gardener, joined us today to teach how to clean it up and get the garden looking perky again for late summer and early fall.

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This holiday weekend you can celebrate using beautiful things from the garden!

Carrie Petty, master gardener, joined us today to show us how. She says you can also include antiques, old history books, flowers and champagne to decorate the table, and you can never go wrong with sunflowers!

For more information visit her on Facebook.

With the warmer weather here to stay for awhile, now’s a great time to get outside and work on your garden. Amber and her mother-in-law introduce us to a product that will make watering your plants almost effortless.

Daisy Rain Garden Sprinkler Pots

Bring on warmer weather and grow long-lasting flowers and plants, delicious berries, ripe tomatoes and more with peace of mind with the new patented Daisy Rain Garden Systems Sprinkler Pots that allow you to water numerous plants with the turn of a hose and also a timer system while you are away for an extended time. The Sprinkler Pots are easy to use, simply connect to any garden hose or irrigation system, and are reliable keeping your plants watered.

This is the perfect time to work on improving your garden. Vicki Leak, Retail Center Manager for Greendell Landscape Solutions explains what soil you need for your particular type of garden.

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