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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The opportunity to live a long and strong life is one of the reasons why the Black and Minority Health Fair is targeting families and individuals who are at a greater risk of suffering from health-related issues.

The event offers access to more than $2,000-worth of free health care screenings.

“It’s allowing you to know your numbers because if you know your numbers then you’re empowered to make informed decisions,” said Director of Minority Health for the State Department of Health Antoniette Holt. “Then sometimes knowing your numbers helps preventative wise, causing things in the long run to happen so you can know now that (you) have this abnormal level rather than finding out when it’s too late.”

WISH-TV is one of nearly 30 sponsors for the event. There’s also more than 30 health care providers and organizations that participate.

Often times, minorities don’t have easy access to health care. That’s why the Marion County Public Health Department is offering free dental screenings.

“They’re pretty thrilled to know that they’re going to get screenings and we give them a tooth brush, tooth paste and resources to follow up for their oral health,” said Connie Chipp who works with dental services at the public health department.

Doctors and health professionals are also on site to answer questions, along with Medicaid providers who offer options for families without health insurance.

“Making sure they’re getting in for their doctor visits, utilizing the ER correctly, just making sure they understand what type of benefits they have and getting in the resources they need to get insurance if they don’t have any,” explained Rachel Maxey, outreach coordinator at MDwise, Inc.

A new addition to the health fair also gives people the opportunity to donate blood. Additionally, there are cooking demos and physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle available throughout the weekend.

“We want you to eat healthy. I can’t tell you to eat healthy and then I not show you the ways,” Holt added. “So we’ll have some different restaurants and people that are going to come and be a part of it.”

The health fair kicked off Thursday and lasts through Sunday. Click here for more information on the Black and Minority Health Fair.