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Kid-ing with Kayla: WISH-TV specialty content creator Kayla Sullivan’s son Allan is absolutely obsessed with ketchup or “chet-chup” as the three-year-old calls it. When Sullivan accidentally forgot to buy a new bottle, she did a report on the aftermath.

The Instagram and TikTok video got the attention of Heinz and the popular ketchup maker commented, “We’d like to make sure Allan has plenty of #SimplyHeinz #chetchup on hand! Please send us a DM so we can collect some info from you! Back to you, @KaylaMarieSully.”

The package has yet to arrive but Heinz confirmed it has shipped! We will update on what the company sent once we get it.

Sometimes, Kayla admitted she tries to replace ketchup with other condiments when she runs out but it never works. In the spirit of that attempt, Kayla put the Life Style Live crew to the test to see if they could name that condiment without ever seeing it.

Kayla Sullivan also asked her followers to share what their children can’t seem to live without.

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