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It’s all about expect when you’re expecting with Katie Awaad, co-founder of the Here We Grow Again consignment sale.

She joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss what you should expect ahead of your third child and why the Here We Grow Again consignment sale is the place to be for expecting mothers.

This week is the Here We Grow Again consignment sale at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. It runs from October 5 to 8.

1) That even though you have done this before things are still different. Each child is different and they keep us on our toes .  

– We have experienced all kinds of sleepers now. One that didn’t, one that was okay if rocked and my third who you could lay down.  

– Different personalities  

2) The time is so divided. After polling my Facebook friends it seemed like we are all feeling the weight of dividing our time between each kid.  

– One mom mentioned having to be intentional with making time for each kid. Lige this idea of having date nights with each kid.

– Another mom mentioned having to divide and conquer activities.

 – One mom mentioned feeling guilty for not doing the same things she did with older ones because the older ones are so busy. We always have so much guilt being moms.  

3) Knowing what you will use for a third baby and what you can purge.  

– After two kids I felt like I tried all the gear and “stuff.” I learned what works best for me as a mom. I didn’t do a bouncer with my third like I tried with my first but decided to get a bigger swing. That was a great change.  

– Using smart ways of purchasing new to you items especially after a bigger gap between kids. I felt like I was starting over when I had my third so I had to buy everything I needed again. So that’s where consignment sales come in handy.  

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