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Having a dog who’s excited and full of energy can be a great thing, but there’s a time and place for everything, and they also need to learn how to be calm when necessary.

Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today with some tips to get dogs to relax along with an 8-month old Husky named Dameon who you can find at the P.A.W.S. Hancock County Adoption Center.

1.  The Eyes Have It 

     – Extended eye contact excites/concerns a dog 

     – Reserve extended eye contact for correction 

     – Scan and give “soft eyes” to help your dog relax 

2.  A Little Less Talking 

     – Dogs don’t talk to each other! 

     – High-pitched sounds cause excitement in dogs 

     – Disengage verbally to help your dog calm down 

     – Avoid using frequent verbal cues 

3.  Be Calm to Teach Calm 

     – Vocal/verbal disengagement encourages calm 

     – Silence won’t make your dog feel slighted! 

     – Center yourself to help your dog calm down 

More about Dameon:

Dameon was rescued from a breeding operation where he was found emaciated and without his right eye (It is thought to have been lost in a dog fight.). He was adopted by a kind woman in Greenfield, IN, but tragedy struck just last week and the woman’s house burnt to the ground. She was forced to move into a motel after she lost everything, but the motel would not let her keep Dameon due to his larger size. She surrendered him to P.A.W.S. Hancock County so they could find him a home.  

Adoption Procedure:

Anyone interested in adopting Dameon will need to go to, create a username and password, then fill out an adoption application for him. 

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