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Kids these days are getting out of control!

WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan’s son asked for a cupcake for breakfast recently, and she responded, “Absolutely not! You can have donuts or a mini muffin. And that’s on setting boundaries,” joked Sullivan.

“KID-ing with Kayla” is a segment where we joke about the struggles of parenthood but also offer up some solutions to common problems.

Kids don’t always want to start the day eating healthy. So, can we trick them? The answer is yes!

Elilta Sawyers is a Registered Dietician at the Community Health Network, and Friday on “Life.Style.Live!,” she brought some healthy alternatives for parents to sneak into their child’s diet for breakfast.

She said breakfast is an important meal for growing children. Benefits include improve problem solving skills, enhanced concentration, better muscle coordination and ability to maintain healthy weight. Sawyers said the trick is getting kids involved in the process. Have them help you prep the breakfast so they feel in control and part of the conversation.

Since Kayla’s son is obsessed with mini muffins, she made some out of protein pancake mix and put them inside the original mini muffin packaging so her son wouldn’t notice. “Is it a little deceptive? Yes. But it’s for a good cause!” joked Kayla.

Here’s a video of a live taste test on All Indiana.

If you would like to see a reaction from Kayla’s son Allan, follow her on Facebook and she will post it Saturday morning.

Here’s an outline of some dietician approved “healthier” kid foods:

Pre-Prepped Options

·        Overnight oats with chia seeds, nut/seed butter, frozen fruit and plain yogurt

·        Egg cups with preferred veggies and cheese

·        Homemade smoothie (milk or non-dairy alternative, banana and nut butter)

·        Hard-boiled egg + sliced fruit

·        Breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, diced veggies, sprinkle of cheese)

Morning 5-10 minute Options:

·        Instant oats topped with chopped walnuts and apple or dried fruit

·        Omelet or egg scramble with veggies and cheese

·        Quick yogurt parfait: layer vanilla plain or Greek yogurt, whole grain granola and berries

·        Whole grain toast/waffle or English muffin with nut butter (i.e. cashew, peanut, sunflower)

·        Avocado toast topped with fried egg

Out-the-Door Options

·        Orange and pack of mixed nuts

·        Whole grain granola bar with dried fruit

·        Fruit cup/applesauce with cheese stick

·        Natural yogurt or glass of milk

If time in the AM is limited, have your child help you prep items ahead of time/night before and don’t shy from eating breakfast on-the-go.

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