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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Great timing for our Independence Day holiday weekend! The heavy rain moved out a day or so ago and was replaced by more comfortable weather. However, just one more day before we really start to feel the heat and humidity again.  

Saturday evening clear and comfortable with temperatures dropping form the 70s to the 60s

Tonight – Clear and cool with a low of 64.

Sunday – Sunny and warmer but not too humid just yet. High 88

Still lots of extreme heat out west. Nothing that extreme, but we will see our temperatures heat up over the next few days.

Just the type of radar picture you like to see if fireworks are planned in Indiana tonight or tomorrow night. Nothing going on in the Midwest.

Temperatures not quite as chilly tonight, but still very comfortable in the mid 60s by Sunday morning.

Temperatures will dip into the 60s for a few hours and then start to climb as the sun comes up Sunday morning.

Quite a bit warmer Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, not too humid just yet.

The tropical heat and humidity build on Monday and Tuesday. Isolates showers and storm here and there on Wednesday and Thursday.