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Make 2022 the year to get back into the kitchen and explore cooking plant-based meals for the family.

Make the New Year’s resolution to be a rebel and learn to cook from scratch by mastering this basic “go-to” plant-based meal.

Kitchari is a traditional ayurvedic recipe, detoxifies, is gentle on digestion, packed vitamins, fiber and bold flavor. It’s great for balancing body, mind, and soul.

Benefits of eating fibrous Kitchari:


Cleveland Clinic: following a plant-based diet has significant health benefits when done correctly. “No matter when you start, a diet focused on plant foods will help you work toward the prevention of many illnesses and feeling better overall.”

If followed properly, a whole-food, plant-based diet limits the use of oils, added sugars and processed foods, leaving only whole foods to provide nutrition. This maximizes nutrient intake and virtually eliminates foods that can lead to poor health outcomes.


Kitchari is an easy-to-digest traditional rice/quinoa and bean dish. In this recipe, we use the heavy cream of the orient; delicious, creamy coconut milk and coconut oil.



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