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The Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport, and Travel show kicked off this morning at the Indiana Fairgrounds, and “Life. Style. Live!” wasted no time tracking down the star of the big show!

Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel offered viewers a demonstration of her watersport prowess. Twiggy, incidentally, has learned some new tricks. The fearless rodent not only waterskis, she now leaps from her skis to the boat as though she wants to take the helm herself. When this reporter held Twiggy, he was warned the squirrel might want to duck inside his sweater. Twiggy’s surrogate mama, Lou Ann Best, says when traveling Twiggy is quite “snuggly” and often tucks herself into Lou Ann’s suitcase to sleep sequestered between sweaters.

Twiggy wasn’t the only animal to be featured during Friday morning’s kickoff.

Winston, an 8-year-old Labrador retriever, offered a demonstration of the competitive sport he participates in, dock diving. Dave Christian of Alpha K9 University lobbed a rubberized toy from the dock repeatedly and Winston snatched the toy out of the air as he dove into the drink. The pup quickly returned his toy to Dave so that it could be thrown again.

The Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show runs daily from February 18th to 20th, then resumes on February 23rd and runs through the 27th.

Mitch Renfro of Renfro Productions, organizer of the show, says he is expecting a great turnout over the next week. He says a combination of the pandemic and winter have given outdoor enthusiasts cabin fever and they are ready to get outside and get after it!

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