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You’re invited to the “Candlelight Theatre” for a unique, salon-style evening of theatre!

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is bringing the show, “Three Comedies of Error” to the stage.

It will be a trilogy of one-act comedies, rotating through the Presidential mansion, complete with candlelight, historical artifacts and the rich ambiance of President Harrison’s original furnishings, is a one-of-a-kind theatre experience.

Whitney Ball with the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site joined us Monday along with the actors Coleen Kubit and Erin Fralik.

The show will be on stage at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site at 1230 North Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 on April 22 & 23, 29 & 30, May 6 &7 at 8 p.m. and May 1 at 2 p.m.

One-act Comedy Descriptions:

Box and Cox by John Maddison Morton is presented in the master bedroom. Box is a printer. He works all night. Cox is a hatter. He works all day. Box rents a room from Mrs. Bouncer, a lodging-house keeper, telling her he will only use it in the daytime. Cox visits Mrs. Bouncer and asks for a room, telling her he will only use it at night. She rents the same room to both of them, thereby starting a most bizarre series of events.

Wooed and Viewed by Georges Feydeau is staged in the back parlor. This farce by the master of mistaken motive tells the tale of a simple lawyer who has no wish other than to enjoy a peaceful, quiet lunch. His plans are abruptly interrupted by a zealous neighbor who has different, and quite unusual plans for the afternoon.

Suppressed Desires by Susan Glaspell takes the stage in the dining room. The play offers a highly amusing travesty about misapplied psychology. Henrietta’s obsession with psychoanalysis leads to a completely off-the-wall interpretation of a dream and very nearly to a divorce before the absurdity of the situation is realized.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:

We’re going “On the Aisle” with Tom Alvarez, theater critic, to find out the latest in Indiana local arts and entertainment.

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To read Tom’s reviews,  previews and interviews on his “On the Aisle” blog, visit TomAlvarez.Studio.  Follow Tom on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Nonprofit arts organization Discovering Broadway is working with Broadway producers and directors to give Central Indiana residents a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway in the making. 

Joel Kirk, founder and artistic director of Discovering Broadway, joined us Wednesday to share more about “Ever After” coming to Indy before it hits NYC!

Tickets are on sale now for Discovering Broadway’s second show selection “Ever After,” based on the 20th Century Studios film starring Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Huston and directed by Andy Tennant (“Hitch,” “Fool’s Gold”).

The creative team will participate in Discovering Broadway Inc.’s Writer’s Retreat program May 18-24. A public concert of songs at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the new Feinstein’s Cabaret, located in the Hotel Carmichael, Autograph Collection, will follow the program.

To purchase tickets, click here.

Here’s more: 

Christy Altomare starred in “Anastasia” for the entirety of the Broadway musical’s run.

Corey Cott is best known for playing Jack Kelly in the Broadway musical “Newsies” and originating the role of Donny Novitski in the Broadway musical “Bandstand.”

‘Ever After” was selected as Second New Musical for the Discovering Broadway Inc. Writer’s Retreat.

In May, the creative team of the new musical “Ever After” will participate in the Discovering Broadway Inc.’s Writer’s Retreat program in central Indiana. At 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Discovering Broadway Inc. will present songs in concert from the new musical “Ever After” starring Christy Altomare and Corey Cott at the new Feinstein’s Cabaret in the Hotel Carmichael, Autograph Collection. 

“Ever After” will be the second show to participate in Discovering Broadway Inc.’s program following the February Writer’s Retreat of the new musical “The Devil Wears Prada.” 

Altomare said, “It is always a wonderful day when it is spent in Indiana. I am beyond excited to be participating in the writers retreat this May! ‘Ever After’ is one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait to see what inspiration hits amidst such a warm, welcoming, and creative environment.”

Director Marlo Hunter said, “‘Ever After’ is the salve we all need right now — a witty, smart and romantic new musical comedy with a lush and layered score. There’s no greater gift for a show in development than a safe, supportive space — and Discovering Broadway is just that.” 

Composer Zina Goldrich said, “I’m so excited to get back in the room with Marcy, Kate and Marlo. There is nothing better in the world than doing what you love with such intelligent, gifted and funny women.”

Bookwriter Kate Wetherhead, who participated in Discovering Broadway Inc.’s “The Devil Wears Prada” Writer’s Retreat, said, “It’s a thrill to return to Carmel to collaborate with another phenomenal team of theater artists. Discovering Broadway is fast becoming a creative home away from home.” 

Lyricist Marcy Heisler said, “How special it is to have a safe, warm welcoming place to try things. Thank you so much for inviting us to Discovering Broadway. Your beautiful, needed resources are something to sing about, indeed.”  

“Ever After” has music by award-winning songwriting team Goldrich (“Breathe,” “Yay People Yay!” and Drama Desk Nomination for “Dear Edwina”) and lyrics by Marcy Heisler (“Williamsburg” and Drama Desk Nomination for “Dear Edwina”).

The book is by Marcy Heisler and Wetherhead (co-bookwriter “The Devil Wears Prada,” co-creator/writer/director/star of the online comedy “Submissions Only”).

Directing the new musical is Hunter (“American Reject” and Callaway Award winner for directing/choreographing “Unlock’d”).