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Former professional dancer Mariel Greenlee-Lungu recently founded Indy Dance Council, an online platform to promote and organize all things happening in the Indianapolis dance scene.

IDC was formed out of a passion to unite and share all the dance that happens in Indianapolis, both within the dance community and with the audience who supports them. 

The platform includes educational information, a directory of studio listings, performances, events and other resources for dancers to easily find. 

Before IDC, there was no central location to find this information exclusive to the dance scene in Indianapolis, and with the larger, vast arts scene, the dance community could sometimes get lost in the mix. 

IDC plans to create initiatives that help shape the future of dance in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, and they ask the community to be constantly informing the website and all initiatives. 

Greenlee-Lungu and Keegan Loye, IDC member and Founder of 31SVN Street Dance Academy, joined us Friday on “Life. Style. Live!” to share more about their mission, why the Indy Dance Council was created and how they bring the dance community together. Here’s more from them:

While Greenlee-Lungu has retired from performing, her wish is that IDC can lift up dance in the community and connect us all. 

She’s created this platform hoping that by increasing communication, networking, collecting and sharing information, and organizing resources, the individuals in the local dance scene can intersect more and support each other more, especially as many have to work multiple jobs in order to support themselves. 

She also hopes this will expand interest in dance and attract new audiences. 

Anyone in the state can go on the website and make a listing for dance classes, studio information, upcoming performances, even health care resources for professional dancers who may become injured, and much more.  

IDC aims to: 

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