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Good dog, bad dog and does your dog really know the difference? Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer says no they don’t. Here’s why:

 1.  No Moral Code for Canines! 

     – Dogs operate based on a social code 

     – Mama dogs can appear “vicious” when teaching social norms to their pups  

     – Dogs are dominant or submissive, not good or  bad 

 2.  Why Dogs Appear “Good” or “Bad” 

     – A dog claiming something can appear “bad” 

     – The dog is frequently labeled “bad” if he is dominant/aggressive when claiming a person 

     –  Submissive dogs are often thought “good” 

3.  What Corrective Authority Means to Your Dog 

     – Avoid viewing correction as moral enforcement 

     – Correction is a form of social authority to dogs  

     – Use theatrical threat (without anger or frustration) to enforce social norms 

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