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You should always be careful when it comes to meeting a dog who you don’t know. Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us Wednesday on “Life. Style. Live!” with tips for meeting an unfamiliar dog the right way! 

1.  Never Approach an Unfamiliar Dog 

     – Don’t stare at the dog 

     – Don’t face the dog 

     – Don’t reach your hand towards the dog 

2.  Assess the Dog’s Body Language 

     – Pricked ears, closed mouth, combined with stillness and staring means “OPPOSED” to interaction! 

     – Relaxed ears, open mouth combined with loose  

        body movement and soft eyes means “OPEN” to interaction 

3.  “interacting safely with an unfamiliar dog.” 

     – Ensure body language is “OPEN” to interaction 

     – Crouch down at 90° and stay relaxed 

     – If dog approaches allow them to smell first (waitto pet) 

     – When petting, keep hands and arms low, and pet underside of chin (or below) to begin with 

     – If dog’s body language changes to “OPPOSED,” stand smoothly and move calmly away. 

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