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Whose treat is it anyway?

Treat claiming is a technique Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, teaches his clients that helps them earn respect as the authority figure in their dog’s eyes. He joined us today to demonstrate how this method works. Here’s more from him:

1.  “Treat Claiming” helps you earn respect as an authority figure in your dog’s eyes

 2.  “Treat Claiming” calms a dog down and helps initiate focus and self-control
3.  Utilize canine body language cues to create space in front of a treat, thus “claiming” it

4.  Treats should be associated with calm joy rather than uncontrolled excitement

5.  Your dog should know all food is YOURS unless you “abandon it” to him/her

6.  Avoid hand-feeding treats as this will incline the dog to crowd your space whenever you have food

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