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Rottweilers are awesome beasts and great companions, but you have to know what you’re doing before you bring one into your care.

That’s why Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” along with Paulos Gebru, owner of Franklin the Rottweiler, to lay down the Rottweiler Rules.

1.  Understand the Rottweiler’s Origin 

     – Used by the Romans in 70 AD for cattle droving 

     – Roman military camp became the city of Rottweil, Germany 

     – Rotties used in the 1850s by German butchers to pull meat wagons, guard money purses 

2.  Socialize Early/Socialize Often 

     – Expose to a wide variety of people/animals very early on 

     – Enact a “zero tolerance” policy for dominance play with children and/or other dogs 

3.  Train Away from “Possessive Protection” 

     – No sleeping with humans in bed 

     – No leaning body weight, or paws in lap 

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