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Issues ahead of IndyGo Red Line bus transit launch in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Residents have raised concerns over drainage issues on an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramp at the new IndyGo Red Line bus transit stop on College Avenue and 52nd street.

Kevin Kastner told News 8 that he lives three blocks away and noticed the issue. Kastner said the ramp was underwater hours after it rained Monday.

“If they have a wheelchair and they go through that puddle, especially if it’s raining quite a bit, or if they have small kids, that can be an issue,” Kastner said. “I know if I had my 4-year-old, I might have to pick him up and put him over that puddle.”

Kastner said he reported it to IndyGo so it can be addressed before the Red Line launch September 1.

“I’ve seen ADA flooding all over the city,” Kastner added. “It’s just because it’s a new project, it’s more noticeable. But water collects at ramps like this all over the city. It does and I don’t know if that’s the design that needs to be different or what, but that’s the way it is that I’ve noticed.”

News 8 drove along the Red Line route and didn’t see other ADA ramps flooded since the report was made. IndyGo said they’re aware of the issue and are currently working on an immediate fix. The drainage issue is on their list of long-term fixes as well.

“I think you’re always going to have to think about the weather because we live in Indiana, so if it’s not snowing, it’s raining or cold or it’s ice, so I just think that’s something to think about,” future Red Line rider Nichelle Hayes said.

Kastner also said part of the median that the Red Line buses ride over is ripped apart on College Avenue. IndyGo said the median will also be fixed and that drivers can be ticketed if caught driving over it. They said they’re working on a more permanent solution with IMPD.

“I think anytime we have a new thing in the city, we all have to get used to it,” future rider Ron Gifford said. “I think drivers in this town aren’t used to sharing the road with mass transit in any real way, so we’ll all get used to it.”