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Hensley Legal Group features a different pet each week that could be your forever friend, and they’ll even cover the adoption fees!

Boyardee is a funny young cat who is looking for a home that will indulge his unique personality.

He may greet you the minute you enter a room, rub against you and meow to you for petting. Then after a few pets, he’s content to do his own thing and be an independent little man. When he’s being independent, Boyardee likes to watch some “cat TV.”

He’d also love it if his new home had a cat tree next to a window so he could spend lots of time binging every episode of “Birds Gone Wild!” Boyardee also enjoys chasing wand toys, especially ones that remind him of birds! IndyHumane recommends a “Da Bird” wand toy for him, but his favorite thing in all the world is catnip!

Because he does have an independent streak, Boyardee is not a fan of being picked up or handled much. Boyardee has learned to tolerate other cats that mostly leave him alone. With a slow introduction, he may be able to coexist with another cat. Boyardee is looking for a home that can fit his special style.

Note to parents: From our observations at the shelter, Boyardee may not do well with younger children as he does not enjoy being picked up or handled.

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