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Maximus AKA Max could be your Fur-Ever Friend! Hensley Legal Group will help you take this special girl home by paying for the standard adoption fees!

Max is a loving boy that loves to eat lots of yummy treats!

He enjoys having lots of dark places to explore and take naps in. He will also spend lots of time picking his favorite place.

Max is learning about toys and currently finds laser pointers to be just what he is looking for! He would love to have a home where he is able to relax and learn about the world at his own pace.

Max will need a home where his adopter can give him plenty of time to adjust to his new surroundings.

His foster parent says, “He gets very happy when his people are around. He is very vocal and loves to be near them. He really loves belly rubs and ear/chin scratches!” He is a sweet boy, and he would do well in any laid-back home. 

Give Max a shot at being your new best friend and contact IndyHumane for adoption details.

You can learn more by clicking here.