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Barnaby could be your Fur-Ever Friend! Hensley Legal Group will help you take this special home by paying for the standard adoption fees!

Barnaby is a sweet, shy, and goofy boy looking for a home where he will get lots of love!

He will need an adopter who will keep training all positively with him and help him build his confidence. Once comfortable, he’s a total goofball that loves playing with tennis balls.

Barnaby is social and enjoys attention but can be a bit nervous with attention directed quickly at him. Responds well to gentle praise and attention. He could pair well with another dog and prefers social females. 

Barnaby is literal magic, and he plays well with some of our more difficult dogs and has been instrumental in bringing those dogs out of their shells and getting them to play and relax. 

Give Barnaby a shot at being your new best friend and contact IndyHumane for adoption details.

You can learn more by clicking here.