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After performing his first magic trick at the age of two years old, Jake Schwartz was instantly hooked on magic, and has now performed all over the world.

He never grew out of the magic within the tricks, and Jake is now an award-winning magician considered by many to be the new face of magic. 

3 Tips From A Magician That Will Get You Through The Holidays:

1. Misdirection – your family can’t argue about politics at the table if they’re doing something else. Consider bringing a game or ice breaker to your dinner to misdirect your family members who tend to get argumentative.

2. The best thing about magic is that it allows people to be in the moment. Remember to be in the present (pun intended) this holiday season to lower your anxiety levels and enjoy the time you get to spend with people who care about you.

3. Magic, to me, is more than just tricks. It is a way to tell stories and connect with people. Every time I step on stage I am inviting the audience to get to know me better. Remember to make the effort to actually get to know your loved ones better, check in on people you haven’t talked to in a while, and listen to their stories.

For more information visit, @TheMagicOfJakeSchwartz and