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Jenkins Forever Farm is an animal sanctuary that provides rescue, care, love and a forever home to farmed and exotic animals located in Edinburgh, IN.

Stacy Jenkins, founder of Jenkins Forever Farm, and Crys Gilliatt, board member of Jenkins Forever Farm and Jenkins’ best friend of 30 years joined us Friday on “Live. Style. Live!” along with Layla a miniature goat and Frank the rooster.

They shared the story of the animals and mentioned that they recently purchased an additional almost seven acres of land to expand the sanctuary and will be doing a huge fundraiser to develop the property (fencing and shelters). 

Both animals they brought today have had unfortunate scenarios make them disabled, but they are now beating the odds and moving around great!

Layla’s Story

She was being sold as a bottle baby where the breeder takes the kid (a baby goat) from their mother early and sells them as a “bottle baby” so people can hand raise them. As a rescue, this is heartbreaking and we do our best to educate the public, in hopes that they’ll adopt versus buying from a breeder. 

One of the difficulties of taking care of so many lives is you’re bound to have injuries and accidents. One evening when I went out to feed, Layla was limping. Off to the vet we went (on the weekend) where it was decided she had broken her leg. She was treated with meds and rest and gets around great! 

Frank’s Story

He lost his feet due to frostbite at some point several years ago. Chickens really need heat and he was left outside in the Indiana winters without. After that horrific situation, he was then put into a dog crate, and put in a basement to live by himself for six years. When he arrived, the wraps on his nubs had worn bare on the bottom and were like concrete around his legs. He’s also missing part of his upper beak and is very thin. Once we got his wraps changed and proper padding on his nubs, he started walking around with a huge amount of confidence. He’ll always be an indoor room, but will live a wonderful, full life. 

Jenkins Forever Farm holds free Monthly Mini Open Barn events during the months of May through October!

Most of the animals come to Jenkins Forever Farm through animal control seizures, hoarding situations and networking through other sanctuaries/Facebook groups.

When a new resident arrives, they go through a quarantine and vetting process and then are slowly introduced to their new friends. 

You can support their mission by volunteering, donating, sponsoring a resident (animal), sponsoring a project and through Kroger/Amazon rewards programs.

For more information, visit: