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Here We Grow Again is coming up and moms are gettting pumped about the bargains, the hunt of a item and savings, but there is more to a consignment sale than just a good deal. Katie Awwad from the Here We Grow Again Consignment Sale joined us today to explain what exactly that means.

The sale is happening from October 6 – 9 at the Hendricks County fairgrounds.

What to expect for this 18th sale of HWGA Indy West:

One thing you can expect there that you can’t shop for is the feel of community and support from other parents

Moms and dads around the county can’t wait to come help to be a part of something encouraging. It’s more than a sale but almost like a support group for families.

During this sale, we have tried to reach out to moms that have new talents, businesses and hobbies. We have such a good base to really help showcase these moms, so we have asked some
moms to come showcase their items! This includes Indy Style’s own, Amber Hankins, who will be there Saturday, Oct. 9th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Take a look at these comments from people who have had positive experiences at the sale:

“Having an entire community that will help you find unicorn items to surprise your child with is heartwarming. Paying less than retail is just a bonus!”

“It’s coming home. Not divided, we are coming together for a single purpose. We are parents looking to do the best we can for our kiddos. And to support others in the same, lifting each other up. It’s busy and hectic, but peaceful all at once. The drama and negativity of the outside world just doesn’t make it in.”

“That when life punches you in the gut, the same mommas that you stage the floor or run registers with show up with an abundance of love, food, and encouragement to help get you through.”

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If you’re considering some upcoming travel, we want to be the ones to get you fully prepared! Today we were joined by Katie Awwad, travel agent with Magnified Vacation Cruiseone. She planned Annessa’s family vacation from start to finish, and knows tons of travel secrets! Here are a few from her:

1) Have a plan even more now!

Know the restrictions of the area you are traveling to. Find out what is open. What is needed for you to get there? Do you need a covid test prior? Do you get covid tested to travel back home?Testing is huge for oversea travel.There are some all inclusive resorts that are offering free testing prior to leaving. That is super helpful because if not then you need to find a place in a foreign land!

Even if driving you need to know what each state restrictions are. Traveling with kids you have to know when you can stop and let them go the bathroom!

If you are doing Disney then know everything that is needed. Park reservations are a must! This is why you need an agent! They will help you!

2) Book early!

Because of restrictions on hotels ( cheaper hotels at disney or the ones that sleep 5), park attendance ( hint Epcot and Animal Kingdom are only park open for spring break now) and restrictions on accommodations ( Disney Dinning)  you need to book early. Slim chance if you can make a last minute trip work especially for Disney. There are so many moving parts and limited capacity. Once things are filled up then you have missed out. People are eager to start traveling so things are booking up faster than normal. Private condos or cabins are really selling out fast.

3) BUY travel protection!

I can not guarantee that whatever happens will be covered but having protection is worth it. These trips are an investment. You need to protect that and the what ifs. I am now requiring my clients that cruise and do international travel to buy protection. We learned the hard way in 2020.

4) Be flexible!

There are so many things that are unpredictable. Booking a trip plan on changes. Plan on following all the rules at the given location. Those restrictions will change! Plan to look at restrictions a week before your travel again! Things will change! Plan on wearing a mask. Plan on time changes on flights. Plan on not waking up in time for that first bus at Disney making you later to start you day.

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