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Kid-ing with Kayla: Buying Halloween candy early is smart that is, unless you have no self control. WISH-TV Special Content Creator Kayla Sullivan reports her struggles staying away from the bag she bought for trick-or-treat guests on Halloween.


Gonna put out an empty bowl that says “PLEASE TAKE ONE” 😂 #fyp #newsvoice #halloween #candy #funny #humor

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of candy has jumped by 13.1 percent since last year, which is the biggest year-to-year increase ever. Kayla asked parents what they plan to spend on Halloween candy this year.

So, are parents looking to eat the candy they bought or the candy their kids collect from neighbors? Kayla asked.

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Kid-ing with Kayla — Kids and messy cars go together like peanut butter and jelly! WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan’s recent report on this topic united messy car parents across the world.

Kayla demonstrated some items parents can use to keep up with the mess on Life. Style. Live!

Kayla asked parents to share pictures of their messy cars too.

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Kid-ing with Kayla — Kids have so much energy! That is, until they decide they are too tired to do something you want them to do. WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan describes a time her son decided half way through a walk he requested that he wanted her to carry him.

On Life Style Live, Kayla Sullivan put Randall Newsome through another parenting simulation where she had him hold a bunch of objects while walking in place to prepare people for parenthood.

Kayla also asked parents to send in times their children suddenly had no energy to do something they asked them to do.

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Kid-ing with Kayla — Have you ever left your clothes in the washer a little too long and then had to rewash them because they smell like mildew? According to a poll on Kayla Sullivan’s Instagram account, 44% of people do this often, 50% do it sometimes and 7% percent say they have never done this.

We asked parents to describe laundry now that they have kids.

Here are some of the responses:

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Why do kids love taking off their shoes in the car?

“It’s fun!” replied Allan, Kayla Sullivan’s three-year-old son.

Boredom could be one reason a kid might decide to take off their shoes every single time they enter the car.

Ryan Allen, an early childhood therapist and parenting content creator on TikTok said all behavior is communication. Allan is communicating boredom but other kids might be communicating something else when they take off their shoes in the car.

“It could mean that the shoes are uncomfortable, maybe they don’t fit right,” said Allen. “Or is it something more complex? Is it a control issue? Is it that they were rushed out of the house and now they have to get into the car and quit all of the stuff that they were doing? I can show control at least in one way, by taking off my shoes.”

So, what can parents do? If control is the need, parents can make sure to meet that need inside the home before they leave. Let the child pick out what to wear or maybe ask them, “Do you want to leave in one minute or two? Let’s set a timer!”

If their shoes are uncomfortable, they can get them new shoes or wait to put them on until after the car ride. That way, you aren’t putting on the child’s shoes twice.

If the problem is boredom, bring toys or play a game with the child in the car to keep them occupied.

Sometimes this problem can escalate to throwing the shoes out the window! Several people commenting on Kayla’s original post admitted that outcome. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you avoid it.

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