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Kid-ing with Kayla — When it comes to the holiday season, expectations are usually pretty high. After all, it is considered the “most wonderful time of the year” but Kayla Sullivan jokes the key to a happy holiday is keeping your expectations low so you aren’t disappointed.

Her latest holiday parenting report assures moms and dads things will get broken, the tree will look significantly better in the front than the back and you shouldn’t waste all of your life savings on toys the kids will just remove so they can play with the box it came in. Kayla also warns parents about buying loud and annoying musical holiday decorations this season.

Sullivan said what matters most during the holidays is loving your children, starting or continuing traditions with them and not expecting everything to be perfect.

Many commenters agreed with these points and added their own thoughts on the season.

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Kid-ing with Kayla (WISH) — Online grocery orders may be one of the best things to happen for parents of young children. WISH-TV Special Content Creator Kayla Sullivan said bringing her toddler into the store for grocery shopping is a struggle. He typically doesn’t want to be there or asks for things she doesn’t want to buy the whole time. However, ordering groceries on the internet isn’t perfect. What you gain in convenience, you may lose in getting what you actually wanted from the store.


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Many parents agreed. Not just with the fact it’s rare to get a mobile order without errors but also with wanting to get fast food or order an already cooked meal immediately after shopping for groceries!

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