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Kid-ing with Kayla: On weekdays before school, Kayla Sullivan’s son Allan is nearly impossible to wake up. However, every weekend, you can assume the toddler is waking with the sun and makes sure his mother does too. Here’s Kayla’s adorable video of Allan waking her up early on a Saturday.

Kayla Sullivan asked other parents to share when and how their children wake up in the morning.

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Reel Tok with Kayla: Josh Gillett’s content creation career started with a picture on the day they took their first newborn child home from the hospital.

“I thought it was appropriate to wear a dad outfit so I took my dad’s actual cargo shorts, his polo, his high white socks and my buddies got me some dad shoes,” said Gillett. He asked his wife to snap a quick photo that was later turned into a viral meme.

He kept the online momentum going by creating and posting videos about fatherhood.

“I thought it would be funny to just kind of recreate what I see on a daily basis,” said Gillett.

He’s famous for making messes, as kids love to do. Gillett uses a confetti gun in a lot of his videos to exaggerate how chaotic toddler messes can be. But he also likes to show off his dad dance moves.

He also has used humor to shed light on some really relatable parenting issues like the challenge of displaying patience and controlling our emotions around kids.

Though Gillett has done some paid partnerships he said his content is mostly just for fun.

“My goal is always just to spread laughter, humor,” said Gillett. “If one person smiles or laughs from it then it’s worth it for me.”

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Kid-ing with Kayla: WISH-TV specialty content creator Kayla Sullivan’s son Allan is absolutely obsessed with ketchup or “chet-chup” as the three-year-old calls it. When Sullivan accidentally forgot to buy a new bottle, she did a report on the aftermath.

The Instagram and TikTok video got the attention of Heinz and the popular ketchup maker commented, “We’d like to make sure Allan has plenty of #SimplyHeinz #chetchup on hand! Please send us a DM so we can collect some info from you! Back to you, @KaylaMarieSully.”

The package has yet to arrive but Heinz confirmed it has shipped! We will update on what the company sent once we get it.

Sometimes, Kayla admitted she tries to replace ketchup with other condiments when she runs out but it never works. In the spirit of that attempt, Kayla put the Life Style Live crew to the test to see if they could name that condiment without ever seeing it.

Kayla Sullivan also asked her followers to share what their children can’t seem to live without.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: Many parents might think limiting access to candy is healthiest for children but a registered dietician told Kayla Sullivan that isn’t the best technique. Charne Gross said we need to focus on neutralizing our relationship with candy and other foods that may not be considered the healthiest.

“The goal isn’t to get our kids to eat less. We want to focus on allowing them to have a healthier relationship with it. That means we don’t have major meltdowns when we can’t have it or on the other extreme sneak it, which often happens,” said Gross. “It’s a very different outlook from what diet culture teaches us.”

She compared it to dating. When you first start a relationship with someone you want to be with them all of the time and eventually, you get to a point where you are used to it and don’t crave unhealthy amounts. That is the ultimate goal with candy.

Gross suggests putting a little bit of that leftover Halloween candy on the plate right next to healthier options. You shouldn’t save it as a treat if they eat all of their healthy food because always having it as an option makes it less desirable.

TikTok and Instagram creator Shannon Lanier (@MrShannonLanier) shared this video joking about his November diet.

However, Gross said parents should also indulge and eat candy with their kids to demonstrate this healthy relationship with candy.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: We all know going outside is good for kids but do you know why? There are lots of reasons!

This Healthy Children website does a pretty good job explaining the specifics like lowering risk of obesity, anger, aggression, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Kayla Sullivan saw the benefits firsthand when she told her child no to TV and demanded they play outside after school instead.

Kayla asked her Instagram followers if they make their children play outside, an overwhelming 93% of parents said yes.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: Parenting a sick kid is difficult but nothing is more challenging than parenting a sick kid while you’re sick too. That’s what Kayla Sullivan experienced this week. Here’s her report on this common parenting problem.

Kayla asked other parents to share stories about their experiences getting sick at the same time as their children.

So, how can you get through parenting a sick kid while sick? Kayla Sullivan put together some tips for those faced with this challenge.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: Buying Halloween candy early is smart that is, unless you have no self control. WISH-TV Special Content Creator Kayla Sullivan reports her struggles staying away from the bag she bought for trick-or-treat guests on Halloween.


Gonna put out an empty bowl that says “PLEASE TAKE ONE” 😂 #fyp #newsvoice #halloween #candy #funny #humor

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of candy has jumped by 13.1 percent since last year, which is the biggest year-to-year increase ever. Kayla asked parents what they plan to spend on Halloween candy this year.

So, are parents looking to eat the candy they bought or the candy their kids collect from neighbors? Kayla asked.

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Kid-ing with Kayla: Don’t knock it until you try it! Eating alone in your car can be very therapeutic for a parent. Kayla Sullivan explains in her latest viral report.


In other news… is @Jimmy John’s 🥪 really freaky fast? That story coming up if they pay me 😂 #newsvoice #parentinghumor #quiet #peace #eatinginthecar

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

Many commenters agreed!

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Kid-ing with Kayla — There are a number of reasons one of your socks can go missing. WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan said she’s always experienced this issue but when she had a kid, it happened more often!

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So, where do socks actually go? Sometimes, they are still in the washer! In top-loading machines socks can get stuck in the pole in the middle or under the wash plate. If you overload the washer, as Kayla Sullivan admittedly does often, the socks could also be in the inner tube or outer tub of the machine. The dryer can also “eat” your socks! There’s a small space between the dryer door and the drum that can catch socks as well as the lint trap! If it’s not in your laundry machines, it could also be lost under the bed, couch, in the car or your kid could have thrown it out the car window. Kayla Sullivan can confirm that happens!

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Kid-ing with Kayla — Kids and messy cars go together like peanut butter and jelly! WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan’s recent report on this topic united messy car parents across the world.

Kayla demonstrated some items parents can use to keep up with the mess on Life. Style. Live!

Kayla asked parents to share pictures of their messy cars too.

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