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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Junior League of Indianapolis has opened applications for $50,000 in grants and for the first time, the money will help kids in foster and Kinship care.

The Junior League of Indianapolis says there are roughly 18,000 kids in foster and Kinship care in the state. Most of those kids are in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

“At times these youth will end up experiencing homelessness and different things like this and it seems as if this is an area that we can really hone in and assist,” said Amber Finley with the Junior League of Indianapolis.

That’s why they’re choosing to give their $50,000 in grants to organizations who provide care and support to kids in foster and kinship care.

“Just ensuring that they have a chance to succeed. When you have the odds that are already stacked against you with being in foster care to begin with you need support,” Finley said.

Because of the tough economy this year, the Junior League of Indianapolis had to reduce the total amount of their grants by $20,000.

“If the markets down we’re just not able to give as much and that makes fundraisers like Holiday Mart all that much more important, so that we can continue to get out money in real time,” said Madison Weintraut with the Junior League of Indianapolis.

The league’s Holiday Mart event runs from Thursday-Sunday and it directly funds the grant program.

The timing of their grant announcement and the Holiday Mart is on purpose.

“It being this time of year of giving and giving back we want people to come to Holiday Mart and have a great time and support small businesses, but also realize that their funds are going to supporting such a great and important and impactful cause,” Finley said.