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You’ve heard their name on our show a whole lot recently as our Question of the Day Sponsor, and today’s your chance to get to know them. Kitchen Saver is a kitchen remodeling company that prides itself on being able to give you a beautifully renovated kitchen without having to completely gut your kitchen.

How is this possible? Matt Henry, regional vice president of sales for Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal says it’s all thanks to their Custom Cabinet Renewal process, a faster, more valuable option for kitchen remodeling. It gives you a complete kitchen makeover for a fraction of the price of a full tear-out. This includes new doors, drawers, countertops and an abundance of accessories. Some of the accessories include rollout shelving, spice racks, and under-mount lighting.

One of the best parts is, it only takes about 3-5 days to install.

If you’re interested, contact Kitchen Saver now for an initial visit discount and special financing options for people who mention this advertisement.

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