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ReelTok with Kayla — La Guardia Cross documents fatherhood in a hilarious and accurate way online. He’s famous for it! His adorable kids are too.

Between his YouTube Channel, TikTok, and Instragram, Cross has more than half a million followers and subscribers.

WISH-TV’s Kayla Sullivan interviewed him about this experience.

“In the beginning of being a father I knew I would have no idea what I was doing so I wanted to capture it because I wanted it on the record, I thought it might be funny, I wasn’t sure,” said Cross. “I started to record from week one so every mistake I made and everything that happened I just documented it and made fun of myself.”

When his daughter was six weeks old she was talking so much that Cross said he had to grab his phone to record.

“Then I was listening to her and thought, I wonder what it would sound like if I was trying to translate her words and made it look like an interview,” said Cross.

Thus, the infant interview was born and absolutely a hit!

“The goofiness of me and the natural talkativeness of my first daughter is the reason why a lot of what I do exists and from that point I have been talking to my girls all the time trying to figure out how their minds work and as a consequence of that now they don’t stop talking,” said Cross.

He has been making this content for 7 years and said he loves his followers and subscribers joining his parenting journey.

“It made me feel like I wasn’t alone when I saw the comments,” said Cross.

He said it created a parenting community for him online.

“If you are a parent, you have to take it easy on yourself. We all know that nobody is perfect but it shifts a little bit when you’re a new parent and holding a baby that you don’t want to make a mistake with cause you want to keep them alive!” said Cross.

He said being graceful to yourself is key.

“Because they are watching you! If I’m hard on myself, they are going to be hard on themselves.” explained Cross.

About 3 years in, content creation like this became his full time job.

“It really is an incredible blessing,” said Cross.

His kids love being involved and Cross said they are coming up with their own ideas and this career has inspired a lot of creativity in his children.

“And the next chapter in what I will be doing, they will actually get a say in the content,” said Cross.

He said his seven year old has already shown interest in learning how to edit video.

“They love this stuff!” he said.

If you would like to follow along, you can subscribe or follow Cross for more!