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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – On this week’s On The Rocks, we teach how to make the oh so sweet Honey Bear!

Joel Reitz (Co-Owner, O’Reilly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant) is joined by Brent Holverson (Regional Sales Manager, Heaven Hill Brands) and Bernie Lubbers (Global Brand Ambassador, Heaven Hill Distillery).

Recipe ingredients:

1 ½ oz. Larceny Bourbon
(notes of orange, apricot, peach)
2 ½ oz. ginger and orange blossom honey syrup.

To make the Syrup:
Splash of fresh squeezed lime juice.
Fresh orange wedge garnish.
1 lb fresh peeled ginger root
8 o. orange blossom honey
1 cup water. Bring to a boil, cool to 40 degrees for 2 hours before serving

Have you ever heard of a Wooden Nickle? If not, you’re in luck! Brennen Lockhart, bar manager for Wiseguy Lounge, joined Brett Holverson from Heaven Hill Brands and Global Brand Ambassador Bernie Lubbers to craft this smoky cocktail.

This drink is perfect for summer, as it includes fresh muddled blueberries. Lockhart said the drink has a velvety texture to it.

Larceny Bourbon was launched in 2012 and it’s a small batch version of Old Fitzgerald. Lubbers told us the entire history of why the bourbon is called Larceny!

Here is the recipe for a Wooden Nickle:

Lemon Juice .25 oz

Blue Agave Maple .75

Larceny Bourbon 2 oz

Saline 1 dash

Allspice 1 dash

Havana and Hide Bitters 1 dash  

For more information on Larceny Bourbon, click here.